Report 27/5/16

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Report 27/5/16

Post by subeditor » Fri May 27, 2016 3:02 pm

The Westerly winds have finally arrived and the chill in the air can be felt. This weather is exactly what we needed to bring the Tailor in close enough for the beach anglers to get stuck into them.
Schools have come in off the Gold Coast just south of the Spit and along the gutters off South Stradbroke Island. Most anglers are using pilchards or metal chrome lures to catch the tailor however larger fish are falling for strips of bonito flesh.

Boaties have also been getting stuck into them around Mud Island and on the inside of the Jumpin Pin Bar. Trolling shallow diving hard body lures or casting small metal lures seems to be the most popular method.

Squid have moved into the bay and can be found in the clear shallow waters of the southern bay islands. Southern waters of Peel Island are great spots to look for squid, as there are an abundance of rocky areas and weed beds. Smaller squid jigs in the 2.5size seem to be a little more suitable for the shallows. Stand out colours seem to be orange, pinks and greens on brighter days and the natural colours when the conditions are overcast.

The land-based anglers have been getting stuck into a few around the Manly boat harbor, Victoria Point and around Dunwich on Stradbroke Island. Fishing for squid at night is far easier and a high tide will help. Using squid jigs with a glowing base colour seems to be offering more consistent catches.

It seems that the warmer days and cooler nights is sparking the bass into feeding mode at Maroon Dam. They are still heavily influenced by the weed beds and for better results focus your angling attention on them. Casting small hard bodied lures like the Jackall Squirrel or Smaller Bass Man spinnerbaits should see you hook up to one of these hard fighting natives. Worms or locally caught live shrimp would have to be the best baits out there and are favoured by yellow belly in the timbered section near Camp Lake Fire. Smaller bass have begun to school on the flats near the timbered section and are being targeted using blades and small soft plastics.

Hope everyone can get out this weekend and find a spot to get stuck into a few fish.


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