Report 17/6/16

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Report 17/6/16

Post by subeditor » Fri Jun 17, 2016 10:47 am

If you are able to make the most of the weather this weekend the fishing options are promising.

With the rain comes run-off and jewfish love run-off. They seem to make the
most of dirty water to ambush mullet and bait fish at the mouth of the rivers. The Port of Brisbane is offering some good jewfish fishing at the moment. A few of our customers have been getting a few in the early hours of the mornings using poddy mullet or large prawns as bait.

I few anglers are getting better quality of fish using vibes like the Jackall RE70s or Transams in the 20g models. During the early hours or the day focus on deeper waters near drop offs or pylons where the jew can easily ambush baitfish.
If you are going out in the late afternoon or night the jew seem to move into the shallows following the baitfish and prawns. Throwing diving lures and vibes into the shallows can be a lot of fun with jewies smashing it very hard. Be prepared for bi-catch of threadfin salmon as they will often hang out together and hit similar lures.
Fishing the freshwater, the dams have been given a top up and certain dams fish well after a bit of influx. Maroon Dam is one of those dams and with the weed and lilies around the edge of the dam providing ambush locations for the bass, these are the areas you should target.

Surface lures early in the morning can be a lot of fun and the bass will be feeding on stranded insects and frogs after the rain. After the sun has come up a little shallow divers like the Nories Laydown Minnows have been working well.
Lightly weighted plastics rigged weed less can be very successful after the rain as you can easily fish freshly flooded banks without the fear of getting snagged.

Baits of live shrimp or worms are also great at this time but remember to use a float as the weed is thick and you will get stuck in it if fishing from the bank.

The mud crabs in the Brisbane River have also seemed to be moving around after the rain and some great catches have been reported down near Boggy Creek and around the mouth of Breakfast Creek. Check your pots every few hours for best results and re-bait if you are running low to keep the crabs occupied and not looking for an exit.

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