Report 1/7/16

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Report 1/7/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jul 01, 2016 4:57 pm

With the school holidays upon us and a promising weekend forecast it might be a great weekend to take the kids out for a fish.
The Gold Coast is providing plenty of options at the moment for both boaties and land-based anglers.
Tailor schooling off the beaches south of the Sand Pumping Jetty and in the Sea Way.
Off the beaches the tailor are responding well to bait of Western Australian pilchards or whole poddy mullet. The gutters are nice and close due the winds last week so the kids wont have to cast to far.

If lures are more your style try casting small chrome lures like the Shimano Raiders or stick baits like the Nomad Madscads into the surf and use a fast erratic retrieve to get the tailor into a feeding mood.

For the boaties the Sea Way is producing a mixed bag for the anglers, bream are schooled up along the rock walls and near the pipeline and are responding to bait of prawns, squid strips and white pilchards. Try use a lightweight and allow the current to move your bait along the wall as you drift for better success.

Tailor and trevally are also schooling with a few rat kingfish thrown in the mix. Customers recently got stuck into them casting mullet imitations like the Zerek Skittish Dogs into the schools of baitfish. You may need to run a fairly heavy leader as kingfish don’t like to play fair.

In the Estuaries plenty of whiting have been caught around the Gold Coast Council Chambers using baits of frozen sandworms or pippies. Whiting are great for kids as they don’t have spines, taste great and will keep the younger anglers hooked all day. Bi-catch of bream, flathead and trevally are also common in these areas if you wan to throw small soft plastics around.

In the fresh water Maroon Dam is still firing along the edges with customers catching a lot of bass over the last week using small shallow diving lures like the Imakatsu Rip Rizers or Jackall Squirrels. Make sure you cast near the lilies or weed edge as the bass are using this as shelter and won't come out to far to hit your lures.

Baits of worms and shrimp are still producing consistent catches up in the timbered section and can be a lot of fun particularly with kids or if you just want to sit back and relax.

Hope everyone can get out and make the most of the weather

Matthew Osley

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