Report 8/7/16

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Report 8/7/16

Post by subeditor » Fri Jul 08, 2016 10:47 am

Many anglers made the most of the recent westerly winds and the calm conditions they bring with them by heading out into Moreton Bay.

Snapper have begun to show up in numbers in the southern bay over the last few weeks. Hot spots for them seem to be the deeper reefs like Harry Atkinson’s and the West Peel Artificial Reefs. Snapper can be targeted with a number of different techniques and are fairly accessible for even those with a smaller boat.
Peel Island seems to be a nursery for smaller squire but what they lack in size they make up in numbers. To get stuck into them try focus on the drop offs and uneven reef patches, try use a small jig-head around 1/6 ounce and a 3inch soft plastic like Keitech Swing Impacts or Berkley Power-baits for better results.

If heading to Harry’s try a few micro jigs in the 40g weight range as these worked well for a customer mid week. A few larger snapper have been coming from these deeper reefs on both baits and soft plastics rigged on a heavy jig head to try combat the current. Drifting the reefs instead of anchoring can allow you to cover more ground and allow you to fish vertically.

The Jumpin Pin Bar has been producing the goods this week with anglers getting into a mixed bag of flathead, jew fish and tailor.
The jew fish and tailor are in good numbers near the Jumpin Pin Bar. The jew are being targeted deeper on the northern side of the bar using pilchards, squid of heavily weighted paddle tail soft plastics like Z-Man Swimmerz. For the tailor try casting small metal lures into the wash caused by the bar or focus on the drop offs on the run-out tide as they seem to be ambushing baitfish at these locations.

With the cool and clear water of the southern bay the squid are also still hanging around the shallows of the southern bay islands. Try using smaller 2.5 sized jigs for these areas as they have a slower sink rate than the larger jigs.
Hopefully everyone can get out this weekend.

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