Report 16/9/16

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Report 16/9/16

Post by subeditor » Fri Sep 16, 2016 11:51 am

The weather has begun to warm up and the fishing is heating up with it. Anglers are getting in on the action and with school holidays around the corner its perfect timing.

Long tail tuna have moved in off the Gold Coast and plenty of people are getting stuck into these speedsters. The easiest places to find them are off the Gold Coast Sea Way and around Point Look Out on Stradbroke Island. Keep an eye out for birds but don’t rely on them as they may be cruising around n pods looking for bait fish. Once you have found them try casting stick baits like the Rapala Long Cast lures or Nomad stick baits towards them and wind fast to provide an erratic action to the lure.
If you are looking to head to the dams with the kids Sommerset Dam has been going off lately and the bass are responding to a wide range of lures from tail spinners to plastics. The schools of bass are spread from Queen Street to Bay 13 and down to the Spit. Once you find the schools stick with them until you figure out what they are eating but it shouldn’t take long.

Wivenhoe dam is a little slower than Sommerset but with no water skiers and quick boats it’s a great dam to have a paddle in a kayak or take the 4 stroke for a quick put. Yellow belly are firing around the steeper banks near Billy's Bay and Platypus Cliffs. Having a troll while paddling will allow you to cover plenty of ground and using the wind to help drift edges can be very successful when casting deep divers for yellow belly.
Bass are a little spread out but have begun to school up a little near Billy's bay and the flats off the points near Logans Inlet. The bass are responding well to spools like the Jackall Lizinc spoons and ½oz Dera Coupe Tail Spinners. Try an aggressive hop to trigger the bites but make sure you watch for subtle hits as the spoon flutters back to the bass.
Flat head and trevally are in good numbers down the Pin at the moment and heaps of anglers are prepping for the up coming Flathead Classic. Trolling small diving lures like the Zerek Tango Shad in bright pink or green seem to be the go to colour. Soft plastics worked deep in the gutters and channels is a great way to hook some trevally and larger flathead. Remember it is breeding season for the flathead and larger fish should be handled carefully to help future populations.

Hopefully everyone can get out over the weekend and get amongst some fish.

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