Report 29/9/16

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Re: Report 29/9/16

Post by sperok » Fri Nov 04, 2016 4:04 pm

The winds did not abate as much as expected but a couple of days were fantastic. The school mackerel have taken up house at the western side of moreton island from lucinda bay along the edges of ridge shoal and dring bank around the corner to shark spit and all the way to slaughters gutter. There are also some big black kings (cobia) having a good look around in the shallows so worth a pilly or a live bait around the beacons and anywhere along the drop offs on the western side of moreton. A live whiting would go down very well for a black king.
the sandcrabs are in exceptional numbers and quality from the the manly harbour and wynum creek to king, green and st helena islands,and the whiting were again in the rous and the small boat passage. fishermans gutter was holding very large whiting as well. A couple of friends fished the sandhills and caught plenty of whiting as well.
the weather is warming fast and the water temp has risen quite high so it would not surprise to see the spotty (big females) come in soon. Another week of 30 plus degrees and we should start looking for them.
the old girl's bottom is cleaned and painted and ready to go so i am hoping for a few calm days ahead. good fishing spero

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