Report 5/11/16

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Re: Report 5/11/16

Post by sperok » Mon Dec 05, 2016 7:54 am

What a week of weather.pretty scarry on saturday evening i have to say we have had winds before down by the bay but i dont remmember 45 plus knots constant without a break or a lull for that long,it was pretty scary and the fact that i dont think anyone prdicted either.heard a few boats got in to trouble at peel when the wind swung around and a few boats have some hairy momment comming back in to the harbour,but i have to say not much damage at all in the marinas and where i am at east coast it looked like nothing had happened the night before.
Looks like windy again for a few days and maybe a window for a day and a half to get out there for a fish mid week ,i dont know but the water looks very dirty and it is also dropped a few degrees so we will need to spend a little time finding where the spotties have gone,at least the weather gave me time to make up a few chrome slugs,now lets hope we find the fish to lose a few..

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