Report 9/12/16

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Report 9/12/16

Post by subeditor » Fri Dec 09, 2016 9:50 am

With the warm weather and afternoon storms all rolling in the fishing will start to heat up as well.
This kind of weather is perfect for targeting mangrove jacks around the estuaries of the Gold Coast. There seems to be a few getting caught recently on a wide range of techniques. Cast and retrieving lures like soft plastics or medium sized hard bodied lures is very popular. Focus on man made structures like bridge pylons, pontoons and rock walls for better success.

If you would like to use baits fishing at night will give you a better chance of hooking larger fish, strips of mullet or whole poddy mullet are like candy to jacks. Try casting your baits into likely ambush locations like around bridges or under lights for better results.

The storms have seemed to have also brought on the bass and Saratoga in a few of the local dams like Kurwongbah and Hinze Dams. These dams are perfect for kayaking and offer plenty of places to fish. You can cast spinnerbaits at the edge structure in both dams if chasing bass, as these are becoming consistant performers. Try working surface lures like the Mimix Grasspopper along bank vegetation for a chance to tangle with an acrobatic Saratoga.
If you are wanting to take the kids for a fish the whiting have moved into the estuaries as well and can be a lot of fun on light gear. It is also a cheap day out as all you need is a few hooks, sinkers and bait. Try shallow areas near drop offs down the Gold Coast near the Council Chambers or the Spit are great starting spots. Small hooks and sandworms are the key and remember with kids quantity over quality is always a winner.

Hope everyone can get out over the weekend and get stuck into a few fish.

Matthew Osley.

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