Report Thur 27th July 06

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Report Thur 27th July 06

Post by Brad » Fri Jul 28, 2006 5:30 am

I took a few days off work late last week and managed to spend a little time on the water. I did one trip to Mud Island to cast around a few plastics but apart from a few small squire, as soon as I got there I found the fishing a little tough. I tied on a Tropic Angler Shad (sonic rattler), which is a rattling spot style lure and worked it over the flats. I got three snapper in the next four casts with the best one at around 2kg. I also managed a few more on it, mostly just under or just over legal length. The fish really seemed to respond well to it when plastics were slow. Just goes to show that it doesn’t hurt to try new things. Perhaps the snapper are getting sick of looking at plastics. A couple of other anglers fishing the area caught a few snapper also.

The next day I went to Peel Island, to again try my luck with plastics and caught about six legal fish but none were anything to get excited about. My deep cycle battery decided to spit the dummy after a few minutes, which made fishing the edge of the reef that little bit harder but it was still a good day on the water. There were plenty of big pike about, many of which were around the 40cm bracket. I also caught a few small squire and Moses perch on plastics at the houseboat wreck on the way home.

A few school mackerel have been caught from the rock wall at Amity Point on pillies floated out in the early morning. Tailor and big bream have also been about.

The shore-based anglers have done well over recent weeks while fishing spots such as the rock wall and public jetty at Manly, the Redcliffe Jetty, Woody Point Jetty, Wello Point Jetty and Cleveland rock wall. The main species caught have been bream and tailor but flathead, squire, whiting and school mackerel have also been taken. The Manly rock wall has been a fairly consistent producer of tailor around the just legal size, as well as a few squid for those with jigs.

The shallow reefs at Scarborough have fished well for anglers with plastics. Bream, squire, morwong, flathead and the occasional school jew have been caught. Night sessions floating out fresh baits has accounted for a few better quality snapper, including a 7kg specimen early last week.

Live baiting in the northern bay has been a little slow for anglers around the beacons and ledges. The occasional longtail has been caught, as well as mack tuna, trevally and one small cobia. The cobia should turn up en masse any day soon so it pays to have a live-bait in the water. They have been catching quite a few up off Caloundra. I know one charter operator who has been boasting of the number of cobia his clients have kept while fishing up that way. Hopefully they haven’t dented the population too much. One per angler is plenty in most circumstances.

The Jumpinpin Bar area has been a little hit and miss of late. Anglers in the right spot at the right time have been catching a few tailor and quality bream. The hole near the mouth of Swan Bay and Kalinga Bank have been two popular areas. An occasional school jew to 10kg has been caught but they are definitely not yet a serious proposition. There are plenty of flathead to be caught along the banks on the falling tide. The start of the run in tide has also been a good time to try for these guys along the edges of the banks, as well as quality bream and the occasional tailor.

May your bait be nervous

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