Weekly Report 31 Jul 10

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Weekly Report 31 Jul 10

Post by Brad » Sat Jul 31, 2010 8:11 am

Now we are looking a bit better for this weekend, things should settle down a bit on Friday and be good on Saturday before coming back up a bit on Sunday. That's the plan so far, anyway lets hope that's how it pans out. So having said that Saturday is the pick of it, so if you are ready to go then go and if not you will be like the rest of us and hanging out for a bit more notice. Some of my customers here at Barra Jacks check the weather every chance they get and the computer is on the weather channel constantly, and yes they are ready to go. The fish will be there just get them biting you may have to wait until they fire on the tide but they will bite.

I talked with Johnny Mitchell last week and he is catching good Barra for his clients just doing the good old fashion things drifting the edges of the weed banks and fishing shallow back down the slope, no real science to it just perseverance. The fish are in the warmer water so if you have a sounder with temperature on it put it to good use and find the warmer water.

We finally caught up with Helen this week and should have some news on Cania soon lets hope its good.

Well you can tell we are coming up to an election as all the pollies and wanna be's come out of the wood work. Expect more of the same over the weeks to come. All I will say is the problems that we face as a fishing community will not be solved by one person so pick your way through the bull and support the people who you think best support you, but don't do nothing or that is what you will receive. Now on the fishing front the river looks pretty damn good at the moment and there have been some good fish caught. Fresh prawn seems to be the go although live bait is better, but the whisper is, its very hard to find at present. There has been a few herring at the Quay St wharf under the lights but the prawns and mullet have gone into hiding, and that is probably why the fish have been on the bite. Some good bream still on the rock walls but the last of the run out tide has been the go. Plenty of small Barra around eager to bash a lure but the bigger fellows have gone to sleep so it would appear. Only a couple of weeks to go though and water should start to warm up as the days get longer the fish get more active and it should be a good season. We might even get a few years out of the fish before they get taken from the system, I heard an interesting point of view from a commercial fisherman about Barra the other day and this is what he proposed.

The commercial fisherman don't take Barra from the system until they are 850mm long, this then means that they get more money for their product. As now they take the fish when its legal 580mm so if the fish are stocked and many are they are all around the same size when caught. If all the fish are 590mm long they are taken then and only minimal return is received from the same amount of effort. If the fish are left in the system until they are 850mm long then not only does the fisherman get better return but the recreational sector get to catch that fish multiple times assuming that the fish is released and a lot of them are. A better out come for all I would think. I also think a bag limit of 2 for recreational fisho's would help fish stocks in the upper reaches of some systems.

One of my favorite places to fish this time of year, always something going on up there with flathead moving in to spawn and usually some good bream in the creek as well. The other fish that goes ok up there this time of year is steel back salmon or flat salmon as some people call them and you can catch them as easy as just by floating un weighted yabbies or nippers in the current they love them and they are great on the bbq fresh. They will also go a well presented soft plastic but only a small one they will follow the big ones all day but not eat them.

The easiest way to fish the creek is from a tinnie but there are some good fish to be had from the bank if you know when and where to fish, so it should come as no surprise to you that you don't fish as the water is leaving the creek. Now that I've said that I know there will be someone out there that caught there biggest flathead ever on the out going tide, lets just say you increase your chances of catching a fish if you fish the incoming tide, and there are some very simple reasons for this:-
1. With new water comes the food in the shape of bait fish making there way upstream with the tide.
2. As with the baitfish bigger fish also use the tide to get around the estuary so salmon, grunter, and bream also make there way around using the run in the water to help them.
3. And because you are there at low tide waiting to fish find a spot that you think would be attractive to fish say a small group of oyster rocks just out off the bank about 20mtrs and if they have some depth of water around them at low water then you can bet there will be a fish hiding behind them as the water runs in it's a perfect place for an ambush Barra country. Be careful at Coorooman Creek as there are croc's in the system as there are in most of the estuary's up this way.

If the water colour is anything to go by in the river then the Port should be crystal clear look for grunter over at the rocks but now is the time to chase the big bream on the headlands at Curtis Island. You will catch Cod as by catch but take the good with the bad nothing wrong with a feed of cod. And from some of the reports we have had in the last week there are still crabs to be had.

Perfect weather conditions for fishing the Causeway Lake system, windy offshore so the lake is protected, cold south westerly's clean up the water and overcast so you don't get too burnt, and just plain miserable so chances are you will have the place to yourself. Go, enjoy, there will be flathead in the lake along with Jacks, Grunter, Bream, winter is the best time to fish the causeway but the barra which are in there are a bit sluggish.

Very Quiet, a few reports of Toga on small poppers in the quiet water and a few red claw kicking around.

Tonnes of Red Claw moving in the river at the moment. Went out on Emerald show holiday and put in 4 traps for half an hour and each trap was almost full unbelievably. 126 big red claw in four traps for half an hour fishing. Dog biscuits as bait. Redclaw were even caught on live bait while trying to catch fish.

Like I said earlier the boat was out Sunday and Monday and the fishing was not a surprise as we thought with fishing pressure being released it had to be good and was. Plenty of good quality Reds, Green jobbies, and trout. So like we keep on saying when we can get there it's all good. Now we know why the charter boats in WA are so big. They have to contend with the Fremantle doctor which does not let up, just blows.

If you have any news on fish kills or things that are a bit unusual give us a heads up and we will see what we can find out for you .We have also heard that there was a fish kill out at Fairbairn Dam at Emerald as well so I would be interested on some more details we heard there was quite a lot of dead catfish, not that that's a bad thing I suppose but I would love to know the link between the fish kill's and the rain.

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