Weekly Report 8 Dec 11

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Weekly Report 8 Dec 11

Post by Brad » Tue Dec 06, 2011 8:29 pm

So much water to play in and so little time, the tides over the last week have been huge and the fishing has been hard but fun trying, there have been a few Macky’s caught and the bait has been everywhere so it looks good for this weekend weather and wind permitting. Let’s hope we get a crack at them over the Christmas period, as a rule the islands inshore fish pretty well over the summer so bring it on.

There have been some fish reports of barra being caught in the dam but they were small 500mm models although some bigger fish were spotted on the side image units that most tournament anglers are using today. Only time will tell the fate of the dams that went over this time last year.

I can’t remember the last time the river fished this well. Maybe I wasn’t born then! It is going really well plenty of Barra, Salmon, Grunter and as of last week end crabs so it looks like being a great summer barring floods that is. Most people will of heard what a success the Barra bounty was with over 1200 barra caught in 2 days out of control was an understatement and it has just kept on going, I hope the February season start is as good as the fishing has been over the last 3 months.

It’s been a very good year so far for the estuary’s especially when it comes to flat head bream and salmon and now the Barra are all over the place Corio has been top of the heap plenty of fish up there and now its warming up expect that to continue. We have fished the bay more this year than in the past couple and the plastics have been killing the fish big time Castaic, number one closely followed by Atomic Guzzler. Gulp and Lucky Craft hard bodies, now if you haven’t heard of a Transam you must live under a rock they have been slaying fish as well, and the Jackall’s in Squirrel pattern are also a deadly option.

Fingermark are on the move along with some good Jacks and Grunter this is a great system and does produce some good fishing. Barra have also been going the numbers on the rock bars and breaking a few hearts as it is now closed season, they will still be there in February when it opens again. Just remember where you hook them, and remember the same snags that hold Barra will also house Fingermark and Jacks. Best soft plastics are 4” split belly’s give them a go with the new Hyper Heads.

A huge system, Port Alma is the gateway to the southern end of Keppel Bay and therefore sees a lot of boat traffic, add to that the expansion of the Gladstone area and you can see the picture that is starting to emerge. It is going to get some fishing and boating pressure over the coming years let’s hope they get the science right and don’t f#%k up a great system. There is a lot of infa structure to be built incoming years and that along with the dredging will be the hurdles that this area will have to overcome if it is to stay as good as it is now. There are plenty of people who make a living fishing in this area and the flow on effect will be felt far and wide if anything goes wrong fingers crossed. But at the moment the crabs are on the march and the fishing is pretty good Fingermark or golden Snapper if you like are the number one species and they are followed closely by Grunter and Salmon. Let’s hope it’s a good summer a lot of people rely on this area for a feed of crabs over Christmas.

Remember most of the fish are caught while the run through is on. Some good fish have come out of the causeway of late Trevelly, Jack, Grunter have all come from the last set of big tides that ran through so when next it runs give it a go remember no run no fun. The causeway needs a big tide to run into the lake 3.9 or better.

Above the wall the barra are on the chew taking mostly surface lures at dawn and dusk and the hot, still, balmy afternoons. Look for shallow still water or large stands of timber and cast your lures into these areas and sooner or later you will get a heart stopping strike. Shallow slow retrieved lures also work well during the day. Look for shiney silver or gold suspending lures with long pauses and sharp twitches. Toga are also on the prowl taking small surface fly and small surface lures such as the Ecogear px45's and bubble pops. Red claw are also around in massive proportions. Below the wall where the water may still be running yellowbelly are on offer as well as black bream and eel tail cat fish on bait. Lightly weighted fly sprayed with scent are catching some nice black bream and sleepy cod with the odd yellowbelly coming along. Red claw are also there in big numbers.

We have no reports from the comet…… Sorry.

No Charters at present

If you would like an expression of interest form for the Barra Bounty 1212 we would be happy to send you one just drop us a line and we can send one out to you. Last year was such a great success there may not be many if any spots left for next year.

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