Weekly Report 21 Nov 13

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Weekly Report 21 Nov 13

Post by Brad » Thu Nov 21, 2013 3:58 pm

LESLIE DAM: Leslie Dam is still fishing quite well with a number of local anglers reporting of some nice fish during the past week. The fish landed at Leslie have been quality fish. The bait anglers are having success on shrimps and salt water yabbies in various spots in the main basin, up near the Black Boys and near the boulders. The lure anglers have landed some nice Golden Perch on spinner baits, blades and hard bodies. Anglers have commented on the fish being quite erratic with some having more luck than others. The most successful time to try is just on dusk, if weather permits.

CONNOLLY DAM: Connolly Dam has continued to fish quite well on bait and lures. Anglers are reporting of landing some nice Golden Perch up towards the wall. Weedless plastic have been working quite well at Connolly.

STORM KING DAM: Storm King is fishing very well at present. There have been some lovely Murray Cod, around the 90cm mark, landed recently. There have also been some nice Golden Perch landed on Stumpjumpers.

RIVERS/CREEKS: Our river and creek systems around the local area are continuing to produce some nice fish. The Condamine Headwater Landcare held the annual Carp Busting morning last weekend. There were approximately 200 registrations for the morning. They managed to remove around 18 carp from the Condamine River as well as some other fish also being landed. What a great effort. Well done to all participants and to all of the organisers. There have been some nice Golden Perch landed up near Scots Weir. Other places where anglers are having success are in the Mill Hole and just below the racecourse. There have also been some nice fish landed on shrimps to the east of Warwick. The Dalrymple Creek is still fishing well with Allora anglers reporting on Golden Perch being landed to the east and west of Allora. Bright coloured lures seem to be working well at the moment. We haven't received any reports of legal sized Cod being landed over the past week.

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