Weekly Report 2 Jan 14

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Weekly Report 2 Jan 14

Post by Brad » Thu Jan 02, 2014 2:02 pm

LESLIE DAM: We have received mixed reports from Leslie, with bait anglers having the most success. One local angler managed to land huge numbers on live and frozen bait in the main basin towards the dam wall. Saltwater yabbies also produced a few nice sized Golden Perch. Lure anglers had some success with reports of a few Murray Cod and Golden Perch being landed on spinnerbaits and hard bodied lures. There was a 101cm Murray Cod caught and released during the week while casting a Jackall at the rocks in the main basin. Fish were also landed in the usual spots, up around the Black Boys and near the boulders. Anglers also had success trolling hard body bibbed lures in 3 to 5 metres of water. Early morning seems to be the best time, before the wind and the boat traffic.

CONNOLLY DAM: Connolly Dam has also seen some nice fish being landed. Both bait and lures are working well. A Bassman Yellaman Spinnerbait accounted for a couple of undersized Murray Cod while casting on the edge of the lily pads. A couple of local anglers also had success on Rapala X-traps managing to land a couple of Murray Cod and Golden Perch. There were also a few Golden Perch landed on saltwater yabbies on the eastern bank towards the wall.

MAROON DAM: Maroon is fishing well at the moment with local anglers landing some nice Bass on spinnerbaits along the weed edges. Surface lures are also working
well. MegaBass Grand Sigletts work very well at Maroon as they look very much like a cicada.

RIVERS/CREEKS: The Condamine River has slowed down a little in the town area with reports of a few fish landed below the Scots Weir on crays. One undersized Murray Cod and four Golden Perch were landed at Canningvale over the weekend. Killarney anglers had some success landing a few nice Golden Perch on spinnerbaits and worms. The water has become a little clearer which will help the fishing. Dalrymple Creek continues to fish well with local anglers landing some nice fish, mainly on lures. Hard body lures and spinnerbaits are working well.

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