Weekly Report 20 Feb 14

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Weekly Report 20 Feb 14

Post by Brad » Thu Feb 20, 2014 10:23 am

LESLIE DAM: Anglers are having to work a little harder for the fish at Leslie. We received reports of some quality Golden Perch being landed over the past week on both lures and bait. The lure anglers had success while fishing the points, edges and rocky structure with Blades. The bait anglers had reasonable success over the weekend using shrimps and saltwater yabbies. Early morning seemed to be the most successful time. Several anglers landed some bigger Golden Perch in the main basin.

CONNOLLY DAM: Connolly Dam is still fishing quite well, with anglers landing some nice fish over the past week. We received reports of several legal sized Murray Cod, with the biggest measuring 72cm. Spinnerbaits are proving to be the most successful on Murray Cod at present. Golden Perch were also landed over the weekend, mainly on lipless crankbaits and bait. Anglers had the most success while trolling just off the bank and weed edges. There were also several fish landed off the eastern bank on bait and lures.

MOOGERAH/MAROON DAM: Bass anglers had the most success at Maroon. Spinnerbaits, blades and TN50 Jackalls all worked very well. Fishing the edges of the weed proved to be the most successful method. The bait anglers had success in the mouth of the creek using live shrimps.

RIVERS/CREEKS: With the good flow in the Condamine River in the Pratten area due to the release of water from Leslie Dam, several anglers have reported of some nice catches. We received reports of some nice Golden Perch and Catfish being landed on bait, as well as some large Carp. One angler also hooked a large Murray Cod but got busted off in the timber. Anglers in the town area landed a few fish in between the two weirs on small hard body lures and spinnerbaits. Anglers trolling upstream of the Wallace Street Bridge landed some legal sized Golden Perch as well as a few undersized Murray Cod.

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