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Report 6/11/15

Posted: Fri Nov 06, 2015 1:17 pm
by subeditor
LESLIE DAM: There were a few legal sized Murray Cod landed over the weekend, with reports coming in from several anglers. These fish were landed on both bait and lures. We received reports of some quality Golden Perch being landed also. The bait anglers are having good results on live and frozen shrimps. Anglers trolling hard body lures had more success than previous weeks, with one local family landing 10 Golden Perch and 1 legal Murray Cod on Sunday afternoon. There were plenty legal sized Catfish landed from the bank on worms.

STORM KING DAM: Storm King Dam is fishing well, with reports of some big Golden Perch being landed on hard body lures. Anglers using worms also experienced some success, landing some nice Golden Perch and Catfish from the bank.

RIVERS AND CREEKS: The Condamine River continues to fish well, with several anglers reporting on legal sized Golden Perch being landed during the week. We received numerous reports of Golden Perch being landed in the town area again this week, on both lures and bait. Anglers fishing between Murray Bridge and Killarney had good results on spinnerbaits. We also received reports from one angler trolling downstream of the Scots Weir. He managed to land 2 Golden Perch and a small Murray Cod on a purple Southern Cross lure.


TT Lures FroggerZ Snr Spinnerbait

FroggerZ Snr Spinnerbaits are built tough for taking on Murray cod and will also find themselves in the mouths of other large fresh and saltwater predators. They feature a realistic frog profile, along with a 10X Tough ZMan 4” Hard LegZ trailer and double Colorado blades for plenty of flash, vibration and a frog leg thump in the water. Other features of these quality spinnerbaits include 3D eyes, quality silicone skirt, 24K gold and nickel blades, heavy duty hook, included stinger hook and of course that crazy leg action of a 10X Tough 4” ZMan Hard Leg FrogZ trailer in a colour to compliment the overall lure. Throughout the R&D process the FroggerZ Snr produced on the cod when other lures wouldn’t raise a scale. Available in 3/4oz and 9 colours. Cod on!

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