Report 23/1/17

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Report 23/1/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Wed Jan 25, 2017 4:18 pm

LESLIE DAM: Anglers at Leslie Dam had reasonable success during the week, with anglers fishing mid week with bait landing some quality fish. Anglers commented on plenty of small Golden Perch being landed in the main basin on shrimps. The larger fish are staying in the deeper water. Black coloured blades have been landing some nice fish for the lure anglers. Trolling hard body lures along the western bank was also landed some quality Golden Perch for the lure anglers.

Connolly Dam is fishing well, with several reports of success being received from anglers fishing in the latter part of last week. Good numbers of both Golden and Silver Perch were landed mainly in the afternoon from the bank on shrimps. We received reports that bag limits of Golden Perch were being filled in an afternoon session. The lure anglers had success over the weekend, with some solid Golden Perch being landed, some measuring in excess of 50cm. One local angler landed 6 legal sized Golden Perch on a Storm Arashi Flat 7. We also received several reports of Murray Cod being landed from both the bank and from kayaks.

RIVERS AND CREEKS: The Condamine River in the town area is definitely worth a try, with several reports of fish being landed over the past week. The Mill Hole and upstream saw some solid Golden Perch being landed during the week on Jackalls. Anglers in the Murray Bridge area also had success on shrimps. Anglers also reported on a few legal sized Golden Perch being landed in Sandy Creek.

COLLMUNDA DAM: Coolmunda Dam is fishing well, with some big Murray Cod being landed over the past week. Anglers fishing large spinnerbaits are experiencing the most success. Anglers locating these larger fish on their sounders are seeing the best results.

PRODUCT REVIEW: Jackall Gigantarel
This new Gigantic bait is a huge 200mm and 5.4oz, making it one of Jackall's biggest baits to date. Its pectoral fins allow this lure to dive to around 1m with a smooth, S-shaped action. Just like his smaller brothers the Gantarel (160mm) and Chibitarel (130mm), this lure also can be jerked on slack line to turn this bait 180° to mimic a wounded baitfish.

Warwick Outdoors and Sports
115 Palmerin Street
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