Report 8/2/18

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Report 8/2/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Wed Feb 14, 2018 4:22 pm

Cooby Dam
Again Nothing out of the ordinary for Cooby, some good yellow belly this past week, however anglers have had to work for them. Early mornings they still like hanging around the buoy line slightly towards the southern end. Suspending in around 22ft, Dropping Ecogear ZXs Dark Knight or peppering Red Belly Black Mask Vib’s have given the best results. The odd yellow has been picked up with Salt Water Yabbies as well as some good catties from the bank. Later part of the day they seem to be a little easier around 3pm mark, moving closer to the shallows, weed banks. Meanwhile there has been a little bit of cod action averaging the 45/50 with one going 72cm

Cressbrook Dam
Still closed to boating and fishing

Leslie Dam
This changing weather patterns has had a slowdown effect on fish activities the past week. But for those who have stuck it out, they have been rewarded with some decent yellow belly towards the end of the day. Slow trolling hard bodies has been the most successful while hoping Mask Vibs and jigging ZX40s along Cod Alley has also given up some decent yellows around the 40cm region. A few good Cod have been hitting hard around the wash pool area. Still some good yellow belly being picked up on Salt water yabbies.

Somerset Dam
Hit and miss this past week at Somerset, Pelican Point is holding big numbers of fish in 25 foot of water, casting 5/8 spinnerbiats and keeping them as close to the bottom as possible has been the best way too target these fish, for the trolling anglers, trolling Smak Golden Childs have been accounting some great fish.

Bjelke Peterson
Some good catches being report for Bjelke. Around the Flats and all around Bass Point casting Spinnerbaits, Tailspinners have given up many smaller bass but there was also a good mix of larger ones as well. Some good yellows all in and around the timbers. Live Shrimp and Salt Water Yabbies have been the best for them, however some good catches where reported on as well.

Boondooma Dam
Still the pick of the dams in the SEQ region with big numbers of bass schooling in the main basin area towards the dam wall, casting Halco Twisties and Palms Slow Blatts have had great success, heavily weighted plastics have worked a treat aswell. Another way of targeting deepwater suspended fish is trolling heavy spinnerbaits tight to the rocky banks.

Gold Coast
Plenty of quality Flatties around the drop offs, sand banks etc. Some good size Jew being picked up at the mouth of the Pin it’s self as well as around Short Island. With the rain hanging around there has been some great catches of Mud crab washed out of the creeks as well as some good Sand crabs reported in as well.

Still plenty of good size Bream Whiting and Flatties being landed in the usual locations around the Gold Coast. The northern wall on Wave Break has seen some good Trevally hanging around. There has been some good Jacks picked up in the cannels around Runaway bay, as well as Nerang River.

Plenty of quality mackerel picked up at the 10 and 12 fathoms, still good numbers of dolphinfish being picked up most places. There have been good reports of bill fish being hooked up.

Tip of the Week
With Cressbrook closed, maybe it is time for you to travel a little and get out of your comfort zone. Many of us get used to from the same locations, the same style of fishing and we are robbing our selves of possibly some fantastic fishing. With so many locations close by in SEQ as well as a few not to far over the border, No time like the present to try out a new area. This will have the effect of getting you out of the old habits and possibly start you on new techniques, new PBs and even more enjoyable exciting fishing trips.

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