Report 22/3/18

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Report 22/3/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Thu Mar 29, 2018 3:07 pm

Border Rivers
This week I headed to the Dumarsque River between Goondiwindi and Texas. There are many great reserves to camp and fish along this water; I fished towards the Goondiwindi section of the river the first couple days with the water a bit dirty and the bites few and far between, mostly catching smaller cod on swimbaits. I then ventured down river towards Texas and found the water cleaned up a fair bit and it was here I had much more success catching. About 12 decent cod on surface lures and some on small mumblers. It is great fishing area from a kayak or small and tinney even some land based options along the river.

Cooby Dam
Cooby has slowed back this week, it was bound to happen at some point. Still some small catches of Yellows around the weeds edge. Late evening’s will still be the best times and Make sure you head towards the Northern banks around the buoys.

Leslie Dam
Leslie has also slowed back this week. Still for those putting in the hours there has been some good Yellowbellies hitting the decks. Mainly in the deeper parts around the structure along Cod alley. Mostly caught on trolling a mixture hard bodies from Jackalls, Vikings, Boomers, etc to The Cod have been very quiet as well with only one reported caught on a Garra along the same region. Salt water yabbies and Shrimp catching some good Yellows, mainly in the afternoons from around 3 onwards.

Connolly Dam
This little hidden gem just outside of Warwick has produced some good fish over the week. Some nice quality Yellowbelly caught by hopping Masked Vibs over in the deeper regions. Meanwhile some medium to large Cod have been caught in the same regions on Hard Body lures such as Jackall Muscle Deeps, Oar Gee’s etc in the Greens and Browns. Some good Silver Perch been caught just off the bank using Salt water Shrimp and Worms

Condamine River
The water has slowed down considerably, however it’s still a bit dirty. Several people have been picking up some good Yellows on Blood Worms, Salt Water yabbies. The lighter color lures are also going reasonably well. If you take a little time to walk the bank and look for little Eddies, Spots that have a bit of a backflow, generally those spots have underneath washed out a little and are a bit deeper with a lot less current in them. Normally also with some tree’s branches in them providing cover as well that have been trapped there these holes will nearly always have good number’s of fish in them.

Yarramalong Weir
Generally a dirty river there is about 8 inches of visibility at the moment which is pretty good. A few nice size cod being landed lately mainly in the real early morning just as the sun is coming up fishing surcace lures and swim baits. Small soft frogs have worked well along with the ever popular jackal pompadour.

Both Moogerah and Maroon have been producing some great quality fish in and around the timber sections, mainly the TN Jackalls have done the most damage with a few reporting using Masked Vibs as well as similar lures. Salt Water Yabbies have also produced some really good Yellows hard up against a tree or along the drop offs.

Glenlyon Dam
Glenlyon is still going steady, No record breakers to report, but a steady amount of legal sized Cod and Yellow Bellies have been reported. Spinnerbaits are still the best lures along the deeper channels and around the points as well as the northern side of the Caves have seemed to be the best places for Cod. The Yellows have been still around the timbers up little coves. Live Shrimp and Salt water Yabbies have also produce good numbers of Yellows and Silvers.

Tip of the Week
The big cod lakes like Copeton and Glenlyon are storage lakes used to supply water to the farmers, every year through summer they release a lot of water into the rivers this in turn slows the fishing in the lakes as they can not have time to settle. But now they have stopped releasing the water and the level is starting to settle this along with the cooling weather the surface bite will be back on very soon.

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Noel Brunner, Julie Waddell, Jumpy Brunner and Linda Brunner with a Cracka Balonne River cod.

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