Weekly Report 30 Mar 12

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Weekly Report 30 Mar 12

Post by Brad » Fri Mar 30, 2012 7:29 pm

Once again there have been some rainy periods in the South Burnett but luckily the falls have not been too significant and as a result there effect on the local dams has not been drastic.

Bjelke Peterson Dam – This dam is still a lottery where by you may go out there and get a few fish but the next trip may see you wind up with a doughnut. The fishing generally has been very tough with catches being few and far between. The die-hard bass and freshwater fishermen will have an opportunity of landing one or two but the once in a while fishermen will find it hard.
If you must fish the dam the best chance is to hit the Bass Bay and winery stretches as there have been the odd fish landed here casting to the edges. The fish are still quite small and hardly worth the effort. The rock wall has seen some hit and missyella fishing with bait but once again this is very unpredictable.

Lake Boondooma – If you live in the region or are heading up here for the Easter break then Boondooma is the dam that you want if you are keen to get amongst the fish. The dam has been hammered of late with bass fishing tournaments which can make it tough for the everyday fisho to catch a fish. The pleasing aspect of this is that these guys who live and love their bass fishing have found many areas to target throughout the dam. Firstly around the dam wall has seen some fish in around 25 feet of water. In this situation using some soft plastics like slider grubs and Keitechs on ¼, 3/8 or ½ oz jig heads should prove handy.

Another area of interest is the Stuart arm of the dam with fish being located from the mouth right to the very back of the creek amongst the timber. At the mouth you will find a small school of fish sitting in around 15 – 20 feet. A little further along on the right of the creek (around 400m) there is another good concentration of fish. These fish are responding well to jigged blades and ice jigs however the size is a little on the smaller side. The better fish and better concentrations can be located further down the Stuart, right up amongst the timbered section. The fish here have been responding well to Jackals and Smakspinnerbaits that are cast right up into the shallows in and around some structure.

Laming creek, an off-shoot of the Stuart situated on the right hand side is another area that is proving a good area to throw a few lures. Once again casting Jackals up in the shallows is a good option, however in this area use darker colours as this seems to be an effective ploy at present.

Leisegangs is still holding fish and is worth a look but keep in mind that this area has been flogged by bass pros and weekend bass fishermen so the fishing can be tough even though you know the fish are there. A good rule is that if an area has been fished heavily recently then it is best to stay away. If there are more than 2 boats fishing the area, find another spot. Having said that a well-known bass fishermen in the area landed around 20 fish trolling a Smak golden child (no.19 – blue) from Leisegangs right along the bank on the right hand side in about 25 – 30 feet of water. For this to be effective they made sure the lure hit the bottom or was very close to it as this is where the fish were sitting.

Toowoomba Region 27/03/12 – 10/04/12
Unfortunately the rain fall in this area has been quite significant at times which has once again seen many dams in the region overflow more than once over the past fortnight. As a result dam closures have occurred which has meant that fishing is the region has been limited.

Lake Cressbrook – Due to the rainfall this dam has been opened and the closed sporadically through the past month. At present the dam is once again closed, however with a favourable forecast ahead it should reopen within the next week. Previous to the rain, the dam had been fishing well but now with only a few days to fish here and there and the water still trickling over the wall the fishing has gotten a little tougher. When it does open, once again the buoy line near Deer Island will be the go to area. Casting 3/8 oz blades and plastics from shallow water back into the deeper should see some success. When retrieving it will be important to make sure that you are always letting the lure drift back to the fish as a continuous wind will see the lure lift from the bottom away from where the fish are sitting. Gold and Gill coloured blades have been producing and smoke yellow core plastics have seen some fish hit the deck.

Bass bay was also producing some fish however the quality was pretty average. Casting mask vibes and spinnerbaits have accounted for a few fish but the fish are few and far between.
If you are thinking about heading out to Cressbrook give the council a call before leaving as it is up in the air when it will be open again. To be honest I would give the dam a miss for a few weeks so that it can settle again as this will give you the best opportunity to get a scale.

Lake Somerset – Somerset has suffered the same fate as Cressbrook with it being inundated with water and subsequently closed. When people have been allowed on the dam the fishing has been hard with the water being discoloured and the fish being reluctant to bite. The fish that have been taken have been quite good in quality they have just been difficult to catch. If you are lucky enough to get on the dam in the next little bit concentrate your efforts around the main basin.

Take a look around bay 13, Pelican Point, Wyangi Creek and Beams creek as these areas having been holding fish for a while. Have a troll to start with to find the fish and then when you do begin casting. Casting past the fish so that you are able to bring your lure back through them, this will give you the best chance of landing a fish. The fish are a bit skittish and if you continue to troll it is likely that the schools will break up, making it more difficult to target them. When trolling I like to use Viking, Smak Golden Child’s, RMG Poltergeist and the less expensive Strikezone lures as they all have a great action and get down to where the fish are. If you cast you may have to try a few different lures but start your attack with mask vibes, little max blades, and rattling jackals.
Hope this helps,

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