Weekly Report 13 Apr 12

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Weekly Report 13 Apr 12

Post by Brad » Fri Apr 13, 2012 7:00 pm

Judging by the number of people, campsites and boats the general public have made the most of the Easter break and got out and fished hard. The big numbers of people hitting the local dams has made it increasingly difficult to catch good numbers of fish. Patience has been the key, if you take your time, try a few spots and techniques you should catch a few.

Bjelke Peterson Dam – Unfortunately the reports from BP have not been significantly different from past reports. There are still solid numbers of Yellowbelly being caught using live bait (worms and shrimp) in the timber. The odd by catch of Silver Perch have also been landed in the same area on the same bait. The news for bass fishermen have not improved with most fish landed being undersized and on most occasions hard to tempt. The areas to hit if you are chasing Bass are the mouth of the bay that leads to the wineries in around 40ft of water and around Bass Point. Using 3/8 and ½ oz blades and plastics and troll along the adjacent banks for best results.

Lake Boondooma – Well Boondooma has copped a floggin’ in the past few months with many Bass and Yellowbelly comps and now the Easter weekend taking its toll on the numbers of fish being caught. On the bright side there are still fish being located but they are just becoming a little harder to entice, so stick with it and some rewards should come your way. The areas to target will be down the Stuart arm with good reports of some decent fish being taken and some encouraging numbers. Try at the start of the timber just around the bend of the creek using jackals and blades cast to the banks and worked back past the timber. Do your best to keep your lure deep close to the bottom and this has seen the best results. Leisegangs is still holding fish from the bank out to the marker buoys but they will move quickly and often so trying to stay on them will be difficult. These fish are extremely finicky so I would suggest that trolling maybe your best option in this area.

The dam wall has also got some fish lurking around it. The point that comes out on the far bank from the boat ramp has fish sitting in some pretty deep water and these fish seem to be a little more receptive than other fish farther down the dam. Once again use 3/8oz and ½ oz blades and plastics close to the bottom to increase your chances. Rivers and Creeks – I took my first research and development mission down to Mondure Crossing during the week and was pleasantly surprised with what I saw. My first 3 casts landed me 3 bass. The size wasn’t spectacular but the fact that they were taken on surface lures made up for their small size to some degree. I was using a River to Sea Buggi Pop (cicada imitation) in 35mm cast close into the bank in the shadows and then worked out with an occasional pause. Great Fun!

Toowoomba Region 12/04/12 – 26/04/12

Lake Cressbrook – Just like Boondooma, Cressbrook has taken a pounding since reopening just over a week ago. This relentless onslaught has meant that the fishing has been a little tougher in the popular areas of the dam. What has happened is that some of the condensed fish around the buoy line have become more scattered and therefore harder to target. Just after the dam reopened a few blokes slayed the bass using saltwater yabbies right along the buoy line, but since then is seems to have slowed. Some specific areas that you can target are up past the pump station in the southern leg of the dam there is a bay on the left hand side. At the point of this bay there is a dead tree and just on the inside of that there is a gully that has been holding some fish. These fish have been responding well to lures in white colours or that have some white on them.

Another area that will be worth looking for is around Deer Island. The buoy that is situated from Deer Island to the bank that is labelled with something along the lines of ‘no boating’ has fish holding in around 17m but the water depth is about 30m. These suspending fish can be targeted in a few different ways but the go to technique at present is to drop your blade (3/8oz or 1/2oz) down to the bottom and then burn your lure up through them before letting the lure drop slowly back to them. The strike is mostly happening when the lure is dropped back to them, so be ready.

Lake Somerset
Somerset has had a knack in recent years of recovery well and quickly from large inflows of water and this time is no exception. Somerset once again saw a tremendous amount of people and boats over the Easter period so the fishing has no doubt taken a hit. However the reports are still pretty good in regards to size and numbers.
The northern side of Pelican Point has been the most consistent area for good fish in good numbers so this would be the first place to check out. The trick here is to target the shallows with heavier blades and jackals as the fish are hiding out in around 15 feet of water probably enjoying the cleaner and warmer water. Bay 13 has still got some fish in the vicinity but they are very scattered and trollers seem to be the only people who are occasionally getting fish here. Finally, Red Rock has also got some solid numbers of fish, attack the edges early and then drift out deeper as the day goes on as the fish will retreat deeper if they feel under pressure.
Hope the helps,
(If fishing was easy, everyone would be doing it!)

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