Weekly Report 23 May 12

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Weekly Report 23 May 12

Post by Brad » Wed May 23, 2012 6:33 pm

BOONDOOMA DAM – Well, Boondooma is definitely starting to go through change as the colder temps close in and the water begins to cool. The bass are becoming a little easier to find as there are larger concentrations in some key areas around the dam. Firstly, Pelican Point is beginning to see more fish move in and school up. At present fish can be found is fairly deep water, around the 50 foot mark directly out from the point and close to the opposite bank. Bass tend to move up onto the flats in this area as the winter period continues. As the next few weeks pass I would expect that these fish will become fairly thick and patrol the flats in around 30 feet of water. The fish will move into even more shallow water at times looking for warmer water to find some food. I have found in the past that if you find a school of bass that fishing the shallow side of the school can produce the better quality of fish.

Leisegangs Ledge is still producing fish but like I have said previously, you will need to work for them. Fish have been located all across the flats area and also in much deeper water. The fish in deeper water are sitting in 50 – 60 feet of water but are suspending up off the bottom. It is important to use your sounder and count down to where the fish are. Fish on the flats area are in water from 20 -30 feet and can be found off the points in this area and in some cases fairly close to the edge.

At the moment there is a large school of fish that is situated near the dam wall. The fish here are generally of legal size with a few nice fish amongst them. Yellow belly and Bass are on offer here with some people landing up to 40 fish in a small period of time. On a recent trip when I found these fish I was able to land 35 fish in around 1 and half hours alternating between ice jigs (smoke yellow core) and blades in green and gold colours. An elderly couple were there the day before and caught a heap of yellas on soft jackals and squidgy fish. The issue with this school of fish is that they will move into areas that are not permitted for boating but are still accessible to boats. People have been fined for being in the restricted area, so your day out may be expensive if you get too excited.

Schooled Bass can and will shut down at some time so it is important to try a few different techniques and lures to keep the fish interested. Blades are popular on schooled fish as you can cast horizontally or jig them vertically. I find that when the fish are a little timid plastics are a good option as they are a more subtle presentation, they stay in the fishes face and they are continually moving on the drop and on the wind. If the bass just won’t cooperate ice jigs are a super option as they will annoy the fish into striking. Other lures that are worth considering are jackals and in particular soft jackals as they are renowned for taking large fish in this dam.

BJELKE PETERSEN DAM - Bjelke Petersen Dam is still a lottery. The fishing here has been great for some and a day of frustration for others. Bait fishermen are having more consistent luck than the lure fishermen but the quality of fish is still not enough to get excited about. The bait fishos are still hitting the sticks, right up in the timber and have been rewarded with some reasonable yellowbelly. Silver Perch are the most common catch for the bait fishos and these fish are still hiding out in the twigs off Bass Point. Lure fishermen will need to be patient as the fish can be found but they are terribly hard to entice. The fish are sitting in deep water and are in the most part in the lower section of the water column. Use heavier blades and plastics to get the lure down to where the fish are and do your best to keep it in the fishes face for best results.

RIVERS AND CREEKS – Mondure Crossing has once again seen an improvement in the fishing over the week. A work colleague took a trip down there last weekend and reported that the yellowbelly were quite receptive to any spinner bait that he presented. If he wasn’t hooking up he was getting some solid nudges and a lot of the time the fish were following the lure all the way to the bank. Having heard this I thought I would have a shot early on Sunday morning and see if it was true or rubbish. As it turns out it was true. I only fished for an hour but got 3 Yellowbelly, all in the 40’s and 1 small bass. I was casting to the opposite bank and slowly winding it back to keep the lure as deep as I could for as long as I could. Most interest was taken about half way back to the bank in the deepest section I was fishing. If the lure was followed I would then cast it back to the same spot and repeat the retrieve in most cases the lure would be taken. Natural colours worked best, although a white skirt did pick up the bass.

TOOWOOMBA REGION 17/05/12 – 1/06/12

LAKE CRESSBROOK – The fishing at Cressbrook has been tough over the last fortnight but for those who have put the effort in and have been patient they have had some reward. There are some key areas that have been consistently housing fish in Cressbrook at present and because they have not been moving too much they have been hammered by fishermen over and over again. The fish are now switched on to the baits and lures that are being offered so it extremely important to keep changing techniques and lures to find something that works. There is a good show of fish 50m out from the boat ramp which has been producing some solid fish with nothing too big. Once again the buoy line has been a favourite among anglers as the fish continue to condense in the area and are still taking lures and baits if presented right. The Bull Creek arm has also given up some fish of late so it would be worth a try up there.

With the fishing becoming increasingly tough it is time to think about your fishing. Not only should technique and lure be a consideration so should location. With the lake being smashed on weekends it would be worth considering moving away from the crowds, particularly at this time of year. The fish will forage and warm themselves in the shallow water and because they are being harassed they will look for cover. At present I would search some of the shallow weed edges with blades and jackals as this may prove to be the slight edge you need to get some fish in the boat. Another option which will work well in this scenario is suspending lures that dive from 1 to 2m. Jackal Chubby’s and Squirrels as well and Berkley 3B crankbaits should prove dynamite.

LAKE SOMERSET – There have been very few reports coming out of Somerset over the fortnight. What is coming through is that there are still fish hanging around the Pelican Point area and are still taking most baits but unlike Somerset the fish have been a little on the smaller side. At this time of year the fish will head toward the dam wall and the surrounding areas. The flats at the spit and around Poly Point and Reliable Ridge are all areas that are worth sounding as they will have fish on them at some stage in the near future and in most cases they will be solid fish. Stick with this dam as the fishing will get better as the water continues to clear up and the fish in this dam at this time of year are enormous and can be a ferocious fight.

COOBY DAM – Well, Cooby dam has seen some life recently with some larger Yellowbelly up to 55cm being taken around the dam edges trolling divers to around 20 feet. One report is that a guy dropped a fish (Cod) over the metre mark. I cannot confirm nor deny the report but it does come from a fairly reliable source.

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