Weekly Report 9 Jun 12

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Weekly Report 9 Jun 12

Post by Brad » Sat Jun 09, 2012 4:03 pm

Boondooma Dam – Boondooma has been fishing quite consistently over the fortnight with most anglers getting amongst the fish. What has been happening is the Bass are starting to school in some key areas throughout the main basin and are generally easy to locate. The bay across from the dam wall still has a large school of fish patrolling the area. There are both Bass and Yellowbelly in this mass of fish and with some good sized models of both species amongst them. The fish are sitting in water from 30 – 50 feet and they will move throughout this depth as you fish them so make sure you continue to move with them or make long casts to cover ground. Fish in this area have been responding well to ice jigs and blades jigged vertically. Blades and mask vibes cast and worked close to the bottom have accounted for many fish. Yellas to 45cm and Bass to near 3kg have been taken in this area.

The fish in and around Leisegangs Ledge have begun to thin out a little due to the constant pressure they have been under. There are still fish around however they are in smaller bunches and are often hard to tempt. These fish may be there one day and gone the next. A nice school can be found in the bay on the northern side of Leisegangs Ledge. As you enter the bay there is a ski hut on the left and the fish are out from there in around 30 – 40 feet. The fish have been taking ice jigs that are dropped to the bottom and worked. Most hits were occurring when the lure was paused on the lift. The fish would have a few taps which will give you a good opportunity to strike and set the hooks. There are good shows of fish in the Stuart. These fish are positioned around the right hand corner just after the start of the timber. These fish are loving icejigs, baby bass sliders on 3/8oz jigheads and also blades. The fish here are spread throughout the area so some movement around may result in more captures. You will be fishing in the timber so be prepared to lose some tackle. Yellowbelly have been close to vertical timber where as the Bass are holding just off it and are likely to take a real slow retrieve. The yellas are of good quality and so are the bass. Fish up to 2.5 kg have been coming from this area fairly regularly.

Balancing Rock is the next area of interest with fish throughout the bay. Ice jigs, mask vibes worked on the bottom and blades worked vertically have produced. Another tactic that has proved a winner is by slow trolling mask vibes. The trick is to have the boat moving terribly slow so that the lure can swim close to the bottom and hopped every so often. There are some smaller fish in this area but there are also some good fish amongst them. The final area of any note is the mouth of the Boyne River. There is a small bay on your right as you enter. Here there are scattered fish in small schools that are sitting in quite deep water at times. The fish here have been real quality, some of them tipping the scales over the 3kg mark. Using mask vibes with long casts and hopping them back to the boat making sure that the lure is close to or keeping in contact with the bottom.

When the bite shuts down or there are fish directly under the boat, icejigs have been successful. The fish here have won the battle quite often so be prepared to work hard for your capture. Recently there was a Bass tournament held at the dam. Over the weekend there were around 50 fish weighed in but most of them were of good quality. Myself and a new found fishing buddy were able to share in the spoils in the final session and finished in 5th position overall. Thanks Terry for the opportunity, really enjoyed it, learnt a lot, hopefully do it again soon.

Bjelke Petersen Dam – Well, little to really report on at BP at present. Bait fishermen are having much more success than the lure throwers. Up in the timber some lovely Yellowbelly have been landed using live shrimp and worms. Silver Perch are still holding around Bass Point in amongst the spindly sticks and are falling to similar baits. Fish can still be found in deepish water (40 feet) and are hanging around the drop-offs of the old river bed. These fish will also be found nestled in the ‘v’ of the river bed. Your best chance of catching one of these fish is by using a lure that is fairly heavy such as blades to ½ oz and plastics on 3/8oz to 5/8oz jigheads.
Toowoomba Region

Lake Cressbrook – It looks as though Lake Cressbrook has really come to life in the past fortnight with some good sized fish and good numbers being recorded by many anglers. It seems that to make this happen you have to go there mid week when there are less people on the water and therefore less pressure. During the week some fish up to 48cm have been landed out from Deer Island using blades and plastics. One angler had a consistent haul of fish over 40cm fishing the points in the main basin/area of the dam. To find these schools sound around in 35 – 40 feet of water off the points and you should locate them. When you have found them cast some 3/8oz or ½ oz plastics (baby bass and smoke yellow core sliders, pepper prawn gulps) through them and you should land a few. Ice jigs once again have been accounting for many fish in this dam so make sure you give these a go.

Lake Somerset – Previously I have spoken about how in Somerset the fish make their way down to the main basin and closer to the dam wall as the weather gets cooler. At present this hasn’t happened as much as it has in the past. It is still possible to find smaller fish around Pelican Point but it is hardly worth the effort. The fish are not yet heading into the deeper water with fish being landed along the edges of the dam. To find the bigger fish look for steep sloping banks and rock walls. These locations can be found down near the spit and up in the timber area. In the timbered area if it is possible to find some other structure nearby this will work in your favour. Cast spinnerbaits to the edge and count them down to where the fish are and wind the lure through them. Even if the fish are close to the edge the fish may still be quite deep depending on the slope of the bank, so use your sounder wisely.

Cooby Dam – The revitalisation of Cooby Dam is still a fair way off from its best but there are some positive signs for the future. It wasn’t that long ago that it was virtually impossible to catch a fish out there but this is not so much the case at present. Last report mentioned the return of some big cod and that Yellowbelly were still willing to hit a lure. This fortnight has seen the continuation of some good captures of Yellowbelly but unfortunately no Cod. The yellas have fallen to some mask vibes being hopped from the edges down the slopes of the bank. Make sure the lure is close to or hitting the bank as you retrieve, this will give you the best chance of snagging a fish.

Hope this helps,
‘If fishin’ was easy, everyone would be doing it’.

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