Weekly Report 28 Jun 12

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Weekly Report 28 Jun 12

Post by Brad » Thu Jun 28, 2012 6:24 pm

Boondooma Dam – At present Boondooma is fishing really well with most anglers picking up their fair share of the spoils when they head out. The dam is and has been producing some very good quality fish over the last month to six weeks and this looks like it will continue for a little while yet. The fish are quite eager to take whatever is on offer, although if there are many boats in one area they will slow down and then it becomes a battle of mind and will power. A good example of this was on display when I hit the dam a few Sundays back. What happened was that I had found a big school of fish that at first were hitting everything. After about 30 to 40 minutes of a fish a cast others spotted me and soon encroached on my area. Within 10 minutes there were another 9 boats fishing the area I was. For the first 5 to 10 minutes we were all catching fish but then they shut down and it became harder to tempt the fish. I changed my tactics, lure and technique. I continued to catch fish while the others were struggling to land a scale because they were reluctant to change what they were doing.

Now to where the fish are. The main area to focus on is around the mouth of both rivers. Both the Stuart and Boyne rivers have been accommodating some good numbers of fish, however, the Stuart is a more consistent bet with some nice sized fish. As you enter the river mouth, head to the right hand side and sound around is about 30 to 35ft. As you travel along here you will find some good shows of fish in varying depths of water. Start at around 30ft but if you are unable to see any move in shallower and then try deeper. I found these fish in around 45ft to begin with but they soon moved around and the key was to continue moving in closer and drifting back out until I could find solid concentrations.

When I found these good arches I used ice jigs (smoke yellow core) and blades (instinct & strike pro) and vertically jigged. The fish went nuts and hit everything. When the pressure came I moved away from the other boats into 25ft of water and started using mask vibes (ayu & gold shiner). At first I was hopping them from the bottom but this was unsuccessful. I then slow rolled at a constant speed, never letting the lure stop. This didn’t work. Finally I cast not too far from the boat and let it hit the bottom. I then very slowly wound the lure back. After about 6 or 7 winds I let is go back to the bottom. I repeated this all the way back to the boat. The fish were hitting it at different stages throughout the retrieve. The key to my success was the slowness of the wind and making sure that the lure was close to and in contact with the bottom.

The mouth of the Boyne is little more tricking to locate fish as they are more scattered and are constantly on the move. Start sounding from the point after the bay on the right and head out toward the main basin. Try and keep your boat positioned in around 30 to 40 feet of water as the fish are liking that depth at present. If you are finding fish here and there it would be best to cast mask vibes and ½ oz little max blades so that you can cover plenty of area and give yourself the best chance of finding these scattered fish. The last area that fish are being found is still around Balancing rock. As with the Boyne, the fish here can be difficult to locate as they have been pressured over the last month or so. Firstly, have a sound around in the bay and then move out into the deeper water on the main basin side of the rock. Once again cast some mask vibes and heavier blades to cover ground. If you happen upon some schools then drop an ice jig and you should pick up a fish or two.

Every time I fish Boondooma the location of fish changes a little. When this happens it is important to move around to find where the fish are. At the moment sound around points that have flats and make sure you sound on either side of the point. Start in 30 feet of water and move in and out until you find some fish.

Bjelke Petersen Dam – As with many of the reports of recent time the action at BP is still not overly exciting. Bait fishermen are still having success up in the timber, fishing deeper sections with live shrimp and worms. Some of them have been taking home some nice yellas and a few silver perch for their efforts. Bass Point is not living up to its name, instead silver perch are the main stay of the area. The bass on the other hand are still difficult to catch as has been the case for the past little while. The bass can be located in deeper sections of the dam hanging off the drop offs of the old river bed but this doesn’t mean you will catch them. With most of the bass being undersize it is hardly worth the effort of chasing the bass. You’re better off getting some bait and hoping for the best.


Lake Cressbrook – The reports from Cressbrook have been really good. The fishing has been consistent and the quality of the catch has been impressive. Many anglers have been coming back from Cressbrook with big smiles after landing up to 30 fish including specimens reaching 48cm. At the moment the yellow marker buoys are the focal point with some solid schools of fish being found in 35ft of water. These fish are responding well to soft plastics rigged on 1/2oz and 3/8oz jig heads. Use these heavier heads to get down to the fish and when you retrieve the lure it will stay in the strike zone. The heavier head allows the plastic to travel horizontally through the fish rather than be pulled too vertically and away from the fish.

Small ecogear and little max blades have also proved lethal on these fish. These lures are good as they cut through the water and get down fairly quickly to where the fish are. To ensure you keep the lure in the strike zone slow the retrieve down so that you can still feel it working. The slender profile of the smaller blades and the plastics are working in Cressbrook as they are imitating the bait fish found in the dam. Larger profile and heavier lures have not been as successful so make sure you keep this in mind when making your lure selection. The one other location that is worth a look is down Bull Creek which is situated behind the tower on the eastern side of the dam. When heading down Bull Creek look for a point on the left hand side that has a toilet on the hill. Out from there in 30ft of water is a school of fish. These fish have been there for a few weeks so they maybe a bit timid. Use the same lures as you would at the buoys in natural colours like ayu, pumpkinseed, smoke yellow core etc.

Somerset Dam – Unfortunately the reports from this great dam have been somewhat disappointing. There are some fish being landed and some have lived up to the reputation on the dam. Having said that, this has been few and far between. In the most part fish have been difficult to locate and even more difficult to land. There are some smaller fish being trolled up across the flats of Pelican Point and the bigger fish that have been landed have been taken on the shallower side of these small schools. I have found that in tough times on this dam I head to Queen Street and do some trolling through the timber and along the rocky section. It is rare not to pick up at least 1 fish in this area. I find jackals, cultiva mira vibes and that lipless crankbait profile produce consistently here. If all else fails take a ride up into the timber section of the dam and hit the shallower banks that drop off into the old river bed. Jackalls, blades and spinnerbaits cast to the structure and worked along the contour of the bank will give you an opportunity to land some fish. In all honesty I would give the dam a miss for a bit as there is very little happening for most anglers.

Cooby Dam – Cooby has continued to have some good reports over the past fortnight. Unfortunately there has not been any Cod landed but the yellowbelly have been quite responsive to most offerings. Most anglers have been opting for bait when chasing the yellas and the preferred option has live shrimp and saltwater yabbies. People have been concentrating their efforts in two areas. Land based anglers have been hitting the area along the rock wall casting out into the deeper water. Boaters have taken another option and are heading up past the sailing club to the points in the northern section and are casting lipless crankbaits around across the rocky parts in the area. Bait fishermen have also picked up fish in this area.
Hope this helps,
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