Weekly Report 13 Jul 12

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Weekly Report 13 Jul 12

Post by Brad » Fri Jul 13, 2012 6:52 pm

Boondooma Dam – Well Boondooma is still producing many fish for anglers and a lot of them are of very good quality. The fish are schooling up in some areas which is making it easy to locate them and on most occasions quite easy to catch. Having said that, this can change from day to day. The fish are still holding around the Balancing Rock area and the stretch of bank from the mouth of the Boyne River up and past Balancing Rock. A sounder is needed to find these fish as they have been hammered in recent weeks and are likely to spread out and move around. Still target them with masks, jackals and blades when casting and try an ice jig when you come across a school or solid patch of fish.
At the time of the last report the Stuart arm was holding quite a lot of fish with many of them over the 2kg mark.

There are still fish in the vicinity, however, they have gone quite deep and are not in the same concentrations as they were previously. The fish are sitting in and around the 60ft mark and are a little harder to tempt. I have found that the long tail smak icejigs have worked well on these deep fish. I am particularly fond of smoke yellow core it has produced in all jigging situations I have put it through. On my second to last trip out to Boondooma I had planned my trip around fishing the schools in the mouth of the Stuart. I was a little disappointed to find that the fish were not as thick as they were the week before. I landed 2 fish here but had to work hard for them. I thought that I could find better fish. To do this I sounded around the points in the main basin heading toward the wall. In not too much time I found some signs of a good school nestled near the second yellow marker buoy. On the first cast with a gold shiner mask vibe I was onto a nice fish. I began to sound a little further around to find better shows and in no time I did.

The fish were sitting on the drop off of the point in 35ft of water and they had bunched up nicely under the boat. I got the smak ice jig out and managed to land a few more. A couple of days later I took the family out to the dam and we went straight for the second yellow marker buoy. Within minutes all 4 of us had our first fish. The fish were sitting in anywhere between 25 and 40ft but we were finding that the better fish were in the 35 – 40ft mark. No matter what we used we caught fish, casting and jigging. When the fish felt harassed they either went in shallow or out deeper. When they went in shallow they go in close to the structure but when they went deeper they still suspended around the 35ft mark. The suspended fish were targeted with blades, tailspinners and ice jigs. The best method was to count down to where they were on the sounder and start working your lure. A lot of the times the best strikes were taken when the lure was lifted quite high and then slowly dropped back to the fish. The best specimens went to 45cm and there were some nice yellow belly caught that were similar in length. In some dams fish will stay in one area for months but in others they will move more often so it is important not to stay and persist if the fish aren’t there. Look around, find more fish and increase your chances.

Bjelke Petersen – The reports coming from BP have been more promising over the last fortnight. The yellow belly are still being taken in the timber on live bait but there are now more bass being taken than previous. Bass have been located in the deeper parts of the dam in and around the river bed areas, however, these fish are still difficult to tempt. Some astute anglers recently changed what they were doing and began throwing blades around the edges near rocky outcrops with a bit a structure around it. These blokes managed to get a good session of fishing in although the size of the fish were still not huge. Bass point would be a good place to start with this technique along with around the banks in the timber and also around the edges up near the dam wall.

Toowoomba Region

Somerset Dam – Once again Somerset has fallen victim to another inflow of water due to the persistent rain in the first week of the school holidays. At present the water is a little discoloured around the main basin. The water up in the timber is quite dirty and is slowly filtering down through the dam. This discolouration doesn’t generally last long in this dam and depending on the rainfall it shouldn’t affect the fishing for the rest of the dam. The disappointing and somewhat frustrating aspect of the inflow is that there are a lot of fish being found up in the timbered areas but they are just very reluctant to play the game. Some savvy anglers have managed to abstract a few from the start of the timber using jackals around the rocky walls on either side of Rabbit Island. There are a few schools of thought when fishing dirty water and each angler has their own ideas.

When choosing a lure some believe that bright colours make the difference. Others believe that darker colours that create a silhouette are more effective. Then there is the option of noise, does a loud noise attract the fish. I believe in certain situations they are all effective, it is a matter of trying a few lures to see what is working. The fishing at Somerset is still not fantastic. A Bass Bounty tournament was held there on the weekend and the numbers of fish caught were not high. The pleasing thing was that there were a few fish over the 2kg mark weighed in with the biggest going 2.64kg. A lot of the fish weighed in were taken from the main basin and surrounding areas. By far the most productive area was along the Queen Street stretch, right from the timber in the bay right up past the point on the northern side and into the bays along that stretch. The fish here were falling for jackals in Brown Dog worked slowly down the face of the bank. Some of these fish began to bunch is small schools and were targeted using ice jigs. The fish caught with jigs were not of the same calibre as others caught by jackals.

Another area where fish were taken was around the Red Rock area and the flat that is on the inside of Wyangi creek. Here the fish were more condensed and were primarily targeted with icejigs. The fish in this area were not massive but they were still quality. Some of these fish also liked the look of plastics (3/8 oz) with the plastic having a little red in it. The fish on the flats in the mouth of Wyangi creek were targeted with a ¼ oz blade in a greeny gold colour.
Me and my fishing buddy were able to weigh in for the first and second rounds but could not repeat that in the last session. We claimed our fish around the back of the small island on the left of the dam as you head up the dam. These fish were around the kilo mark but there were only a few of them there. The extraordinary thing is that we ice jigged them in 10ft of water.

Cressbrook Dam – Cressbrook has been closed at times throughout the fortnight due to some of the continuous rain we have experienced. This has meant that some of the schools have moved around a little but in most cases they are in the general area of where they have been previous. The fish down at the Bull arm creek of the dam are still there but they had become somewhat spread out compared to previous weeks. There are bunches of fish all around the point that has the toilet on it. The fish are sitting in 45ft of water and are taking icejigs and plastics weighted with 3/8 oz heads. Small Strikepro Cybervibes, Berkley big eye blades and river to sea glassie vibes have all been successful on these fish. The school that has been near the buoy line out from the boat ramp is no longer a viable option.

The school of fish has been smashed by all anglers and it seems as though the fish have had enough and as a result they have moved on. There are some fish in the area but the scarcity of them will make it difficult to target them. If you do find some solid arches they are difficult to tempt. It light of this it is time to try other areas like Deer Island and down the Cressbrook creek areas of the dam. Remember this dam has a maximum speed limit of 8 knots, which is not what I saw a lot of boaters doing last time I was on the dam.

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