Weekly Report 31 Jul 12

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Weekly Report 31 Jul 12

Post by Brad » Tue Jul 31, 2012 7:39 pm

BOONDOOMA DAM – Well, the reports from Boondooma have been a combination of very good to poor. What has been happening is that anglers have been going out and finding fish, smashing 20 or 30 for a session and then returning the following day to find that the fish have moved. At this time of year the fish will move around and where you find them one day may not be the same the next. Because the fish instinctively bunch up at this time of year it can be quite easy to find fish and have a successful session. It doesn’t take long however for the word to get out and the fish then get hammered by everyone on the lake. As a result the fish pack up and move on. Sometimes they just move as this is part of their nature at this time of year. As I mentioned previously the fish can be found fairly easily it is just a matter of looking. Fish are still being located in the mouths of the Stuart and Boyne Rivers and along the Balancing Rock stretch. They’re down in the timber and throughout the main basin. The key is to use your sounder and have a look around some likely spots. A good place to start is around the points in the main basin and any areas that have a stretch of flats. All the fish at the moment are deep so make sure you sound around in areas that are around the25 to 30 ft mark and then move deeper or shallower until you locate some fish. The location can often be determined by an increase in the water temperature, so make sure you are taking full advantage of your sounders capabilities.

BJELKE PETERSEN DAM – BP has not really changed much from the last report. Bait fishermen are still catching yellas and silvers up in the timber, however, some blokes are doing well while others are getting nothing. What seems to be working at present is a combination of deep water near structure. The Bass are being caught up in the timbered areas and around some rockier edges using blades. The fish are still on the smaller size. Bass fishing is not a cheap hobby and if you want to be successful when you go out it does unfortunately involve losing some gear. This is especially apparent when fishing in timbered areas. If you want the rewards, in most cases, it comes at a cost. If you are a keen bass fishermen then I would give BP some time to recover as the rewards for losing some gear are not huge and all to infrequent.

SOMERESET DAM – Once again the situation has changed from the last report. Last fortnight there were some lovely fish being taken around the Queen Street stretch of the dam but since then the fish here have thinned out to the point where they are almost non-existent. The fish were being taken along the edges of these rockier areas but it seems as though they have reverted to a more typical pattern and have gone much deeper.
The timbered area of the dam is still holding fish but the water is still murky and bass fishermen have found it difficult to tempt any of the fish in the area. Blokes using bait and chasing yellowbelly have had a little more success with some average fish being landed. If you were hoping to land a Bass or two then there are some places that you can try, however you must be warned that what you see on your sounder does not mean that you will have a good session. What has been happening is that many people have found fish throughout the dam but they have just been almost impossible to entice. Red Rock has been holding fish for a month or so now and this looks like the most rewarding place to fish as they are more likely to take an offering. The fish are sitting in and around the 45ft mark at present and have responding to vertically jigged baits.

The mouth of Beams creek has a school of fish that are sitting quite deep in 60 ft of water but once again they have been very hard to tempt. The ironic thing is that bait fishermen using shrimp are virtually catching a fish a drop but lure casters can’t seem to get a bite. This gives the indication that they are willing to feed as long as the offering is to their liking. The final spot to try is Pelican Point. Pelican is bucking the trend of the dam at the minute with the fish holding in a shallow 10 – 12ft. These fish are still difficult to tempt but they have responded to a few different techniques. Somerset fish have been quite partial to smaller offering with ¼oz blades accounting for many quality fish in the dam. Switched on anglers have been trying some other techniques while the fish have been shut down and as a result have managed to land a few fish. At Pelican recently one bloke decided to use quite large blades up to 1oz to get the fish biting. What he did was cast back the bank and then burned the heavy blade back to the boat. On a day where fish were difficult to land he was able to get a few in the boat.

CRESSBROOK DAM – Unfortunately ‘Cressie’ has been shut for a few weeks due to the inflow into the dam. It has opened again now (Thursday 26/7), however, the reports I have are from before the dam reopened. Before the rain the fish were schooling in a few areas around the dam. Firstly the out in front of the boat ramp in around 25ft of water. The other area is straight across from the boat ramp on the opposite side of the dam the fish are schooling up on the point. The final area is off to the right of the boat ramp along the buoy line near the dam wall. Just out from the middle buoy on this line there were some fishing holding in 25ft. These fish have responded well to 3/8 and 1/2oz soft plastics in white or baby bass colour. This option is a good one as I have found that after some rain/ water in flow some of these fish will suspend up off the bottom.

Using heavy weighted soft plastics will allow you to target the deep bottom dwelling fish and those that are suspended. If the fish are deep and on the bottom slow the retrieve down and ensure that you are feeding the lure back to the fish or keeping it as close as you can to the bottom. If the fish are suspended, count down your plastic and retrieve it with a steading wind trying to keep the lure in their faces.

COOBY DAM – The improvement in Cooby has continued with more consistent catches being taken over the past few weeks. Some quality yellas have been taken in the deeper sections of the dam. If you head towards the arm of the furthest creek from the boat ramp sound your way across. As you get closer to the centre of the dam you will find some small schools of fish that are sitting in some deep water 35ft +. Jackalls and icejigs have accounted for these fellas. The reedy areas of the dam where the water is somewhat shallower has been productive for people trolling bibbed hardbodied lures. No Cod have been caught this fortnight.
Hope this helps,
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