Weekly Report 15 Aug 12

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Weekly Report 15 Aug 12

Post by Brad » Wed Aug 15, 2012 6:50 pm

Boondooma Dam – Boondooma has continued to fish well for those who put some effort and thought in. The size of the fish have been quite good but the really big fish have been few and far between. The bank at the start of the Stuart River has been producing once again. Smak icejigs have worked well on these fish with purple being a popular colour. The bank here drops off in parts and the fish will be anywhere from 35 to 65ft so use your sounder to find these fish. This bank is quite long so have a good search around before giving up on this area. Pelican Point has also got some fish working the flats in this area. The fish here have been there one day and then gone the next. Blades and mask vibes have been the lure of choice but you may need to move around in the area and vary your technique to consistently catch these fish.

The second yellow marker buoy has got fish on the points in this area. The fish are sitting in 30+ft of water and are often on the drop off of the point. Mask vibes worked down the edge has been successful along with smak ice jigs in smoke yellow core. When the fish have been getting pressured here they are moving from the drop off up onto the flat section of the point, so make sure you move to find the fish when the bite goes quiet. Most of the fish here are quite small at present but in previous weeks there have been some quality bass and yellowbelly taken in this area. Way in the back of the Stuart River there are some fish being nabbed by casting spinnerbaits to the edge around the timbered areas.

At present you will have noticed that icejigs are taking a lot of fish. In particular, Smak’s range of icejigs. These lures are in high demand so they can be hard to come by but if you get a chance grab some. You can purchase them in many colours but more interestingly they come in a couple of sizes. There is some thought and skill in jigging an icejig and there has been some thought put into making these lures. The smaller version is great when the fish are timid and the water is calm. They allow the angler to work the lure knowing that the lure will be in the zone the entire time. When the fish are on or the wind is up the larger model will give you the chance to offer something larger but also keep the lure down near the bottom where the fish will be when you’re icejigging.

Bjelke Petersen Dam – Well, BP has had very little difference in the action over the past few weeks. Yellowbelly are still being taken by the bait fishermen in the timber and the odd smaller bass has been coming from the rockier edges casting blades. If you do not have a boat the bait fishermen have been doing ok from the bank using worms and saltwater yabbies. Smaller Yellowbelly and jewies have been taken from the bank.

Toowoomba Region

Somerset Dam – The signs at Somerset are pleasing with some really good shows of fish in big schools around the dam. The frustrating part about it is that they are still somewhat reluctant to take an offering. Local anglers who fish the dam regularly are finding that the fish are always there to find but each day is different in terms of how many fish they catch. Lure fishermen are finding it the toughest whereas the bait fishermen are doing it much easier. Fish can be found in a few areas of the dam and in most places they are fairly thick. The key area at present is down at the spit off the point of the picnic area. The fish are sitting in around 35ft of water and are being targeted by bait fishermen using live shrimp mostly. These fish can switch off pretty quick so what you might find is that when you first find the fish they will take most things on offer.

Once a few fish are landed, more patience is needed to keep the strike rate up. Ice jigs have been the most productive lure when the fish have shut down. These lures really work well when they are being used correctly. So if nothing is happening change your technique. The other lure that has been working is the slider grub in smoke yellow core and motor oil using a 1/2oz jig head. A slow wind has been critical and the fish have been hitting the lure fairly close to the boat. The fish around the Spit have been of good quality however you may have to be extremely patient and work through a few smaller fish to get the reward.

The other areas that have been productive are most points around the main basin. The points past bay 13 and further down are the best chance of finding fish. Sound around in 20 – 35 ft of water around all the points and you should locate some fish. Some points that have had fish on them recently are, Red Rock, Pelican, Poly point and also at the mouth of Beams Creek. The fish at Beams creek are very deep in about 50 – 60ft of water. The fish here are not large but there are some legals in amongst them.

Cressbrook – Just like BP, Cressbrook has not changed all that much. The fish schools are still holding in the same areas around the dam and lure fishermen have been having a real good time of it. Out from the boat ramp has been holding many fish along with buoy line around Deer Island. The fish are sitting in the 30ft mark in most of these areas so use your sounder to find these fish. The other place of interest is the toilet block point at the back of Bull creek. Here the fish are responding to lures being cast to the edge and worked down the slope of the bank. In almost all cases the fish are being taken on plastics with a ¼ oz jigheads. Just like I have mentioned earlier the white and baby bass colours are being used with success. Other colours like smoke yellow core, motor oil and pepper prawn have been handy but not with the same strike rate.

Cooby Dam – Some good yellowbelly have been taken in the deeper parts of the dam using shrimp and worms.

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