Weekly Report 31 Aug 12

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Weekly Report 31 Aug 12

Post by Brad » Fri Aug 31, 2012 6:51 pm

Boondooma Dam – The anglers venturing out to Boondooma are still being pleased with their days work. Most anglers are landing enough fish to make the trip worthwhile. The areas that have been working in the past few months are still producing a majority of fish. The second yellow marker buoy around the points close by are still holding fish but the quality continues to dwindle as the area continues to get pumped. If you persist in this location then you will probably get some better fish here and there but they will be few and far between. The mouth of the Stuart River is still holding fish but these fish have also been hammered so they have scattered a little and may be a touch difficult to locate. Start at the yellow marker buoy in the mouth and slowly make your way into the river keeping to the right as this bank has had fish on it for months.

Start off in around 10m of water and just move up and back along the bank getting deeper each time. Use your sounder to find these fish. The fish have been as deep as 65ft here so don’t be afraid to go a ways off the bank. Use icejigs on these deeper fish and a combination of masks and ice jigs on the fish that are in 10m or less. Pelican Point has now been a prominent area to target in Boondooma. In the last report I mentioned that there were some fish being caught here but they were moving around a lot and they were hard to target and find at different times. These fish have started to become more condensed and easier to find. They are being found in around 8 – 12 m of water, so once again use your sounder to find them. Once you have them in and around your boat use icejigs when they are under the boat and masks and plastics (3/8 – ½ oz) when they are passing through.

Bjelke Petersen Dam – No real change at BP, the timber is a good option for bait fishermen chasing Yellowbelly and silver perch. Bass Point has again picked up in the fishing with Bass and Yellowbelly being taken. One lucky angler landed a 52cm Yellowbelly off bass point using live shrimp. The Bass in the area are responding to slow rolled blades with some fish now being taken over the legal length.

Toowoomba Region

Somerset Dam – Somerset has been living up to its reputation of late with some real outstanding fish being landed and some large hauls of fish being reported. Over the weekend, ABT held a Bass Pro event at the dam. The fishing was red hot for most anglers throughout the tournament. Most anglers returned to the weigh-master with a full bag or at least 1 fish. Bags of up to and exceeding 4 kilos was not too irregular which is a good indication that the fishing is pretty good. One of these 4kg bags had a 3.56kg monster in it which took out big bass for the comp. Last year this comp was won on the flats (25 – 30ft of water) just out from the Kirkleagh boat ramp between the small island on the left and Queen Street on the right. This year was no different. The eventual winner nabbed his six fish ice jigging the flats.

At any one time there were in excess of 30 boats fishing this area with most anglers catching fish and upgrading. This shows that the fish in this area are thick and hungry. Most of the fish caught here were taken by ice jigging the schools as they came through. Due to the high amount of pressure the fish would hug the dam bottom and thin out. This meant that it was important to keep the lure jigging close to the bottom. The ice jig of choice was the Smak gliders and darters in a natural colour like Ayu or Smoke yellow core. Blades were also useful at times, either cast or vertically jigged. When the fish shut down a bit, squidgies, rippers and slider plastics in baby bass colours and silver fox weighted on 3/8 jig head helped keep the catches coming. Once again keeping it close to the bottom was the key to success. The area out from Kirkleagh fished well most of the day with the fish firing up at certain times and then quietening down at others. The bigger fish were certainly taken in the earlier sessions. In the afternoon the timber became more of a sure bet for bigger fish.

The bay to the right of Rabbit Island fished really well in the afternoon with most anglers fishing the area weighing in bags over 3.5kg. Ice jigging, blades and plastics were all winners here and by all reports they were eating everything. This spot was not such a sure bet the next morning with only two people catching a legal fish in the session in this area. The timbered point out from Eagles nest also had some shows of fish but the catch rate and quality was nothing like other areas of the dam. Down at the spit the fish were easily found but no so easily landed. There has been some real good quality fish caught in this area but they have been flogged by every angler hitting the dam so they are a little reluctant to play the game.

Cressbrook Dam – Cressbrook is still producing some good fishing for those anglers lucky enough to go for a mid-week fish. The fish are still holding out from the boat ramp, near the buoy line on the wall side, around Deer Island and up at Toilet Block Point. The fish are still loving ice jigs and plastics. There is plenty of baitfish in the dam at the moment so the fish are in good nick. When selecting a lure try to ‘match the hatch’, select a lure that is similar to what they are feeding on. The white and white speckled plastics are a good colour at present so start there and then make up your own mind. All of these fish have been pressured, so for most of us who fish on weekends, it is essential we think about what we’re doing to ensure that consistent catch rates continue through the session. The fish may be quite responsive at first but in Cressbrook they are notorious for shutting down after a few fish are caught.

Something to think about is the position of the boat in relation to the position of the fish. Depending on what equipment you have you may be able to use your electric or your anchor to hold your position away from the school. Making long casts past the fish and working the lure (plastic or mask) through the fish will make the fish feel as though there is less fishing pressure on them. The ping of the sounder, the movement on the boat, talking etc are all factors in fish shutting down so if you can minimise them you give yourself a better chance. One other thing that can be done is that if a fish is caught, motor away from the school and release it so that the stress the fish is going through isn’t felt by the other fish in the area you are fishing. In Cressbrook these small strategies all help to keep your catch rate up.
Hope this helps,
“If fishin’ was easy, everyone would be doin’ it”.

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