Weekly Report 20 Sep 12

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Weekly Report 20 Sep 12

Post by Brad » Thu Sep 20, 2012 7:03 pm

Well fishing in the region has continued to be rewarding in the over the past fortnight. Most dams are producing for a majority of anglers so there are plenty of happy fishermen in the South Burnett and Toowoomba areas.

Boondooma Dam – Boondooma has been fishing very well for months now and there has been no exception recently. There have been some good reports of some nice fish being taken on masks vibes in and around the mouths of both creeks. Pelican point has had some itinerant fish around it. By this I mean that they are there one day and then gone the next. The fish are schooling up in these locations so a sounder is vital to find the fish. Most schools are still holding in that 30- 40 ft mark so ice jigs, blades and soft plastics are the go to lures.

As the weather begins to heat up the fish will begin to disperse a little and become more eager to feed. When this happens casting TN60 Jackals and Spinnerbaits to the edges and trolling hard bodies around rocky points and edges in the main basin will be effective. Some fishermen have already begun hitting the edges and have had some success. The bait fishermen have had some nice returns dangling some bait in the timbered areas of the dam so if it is not working with a lure try use some bait.

Bjelke Petersen Dam – It has become monotonous with the reports from BP. It is the same thing each week. Fish are still being caught up in the timber on bait and the bass are still small and holding in and around bass point and down to the wineries.

Somerset Dam – The fishing is still red hot at Somerset with some nice bags of fish being caught by many anglers on the dam. Queen Street is still the most consistent area to target as there are multiple schools of fish in and around the area. The right hand side boat ramp has a line of timber to the right of it. There have been some good fish taken on the edge of these sticks using spinnerbaits slowly wound, keeping in contact with the bottom and only have small 6 – 10 cm lifts in the retrieve. Baby bass coloured plastics on 3/8oz jig heads have been accounting for a few fish using the same technique.

On the left hand side of the boat ramp is a small island. If you were to slowly head out from the boat ramp and keep the timber on your right and the island on your left you will soon see some fish arching up on your sounder. There are fish all through this area and there are some monster fish amongst them. The average fish in this area is around the 1.5kg mark which is a good chunk of a fish. When you find one of these schools, icejigs have been very useful in landing them. As there are a few fish in the area it is likely that you will sound fish, fish them for a bit and then they will disappear. Don’t be discouraged and begin to aimlessly look around as these fish will return. They are coming through in waves so just be patient. When the fish do leave your sounder begin casting masks, blades and plastics so that you can cover more area than what is just under your boat.

The flats at Rabbit Island have been fishing well also in the past fortnight. These fish are in around 35ft of water and are not in huge schools but are more spread out across the front of the island. Spinnerbaits and jackals are working well on these fish at the moment. Cressbrook Dam – Cressbrook is another dam that has continued its good form into the spring season. The fish are fairly easy to locate and in most situations they are willing to play the game. Like other reports they are still out the front of the boat ramp however these fish are becoming much harder to catch due the pressure they have been under.

Deer Island has now become the most productive area of the dam using small ¼ oz blades in yellow, white or gold. The fish are responding well to the same techniques that have been effective in Somerset. It just seems that the smaller the presentation the better in Cressbrook. Bull creek is another area in the dam that continues to produce fish. Toilet Block point is a good starting location. Positioning yourself off the bank and making long casts to the edges with jackals and small blades had been a useful technique in this area as the fish here have also seen a lot of lure activity and can be a bit wary. Rattling Jackals and mask are great searching lures so if the fish are hard to find on the sound cast a few to the edges until you find some fish and try a few different lures and techniques until you find a pattern.
Hope this helps,
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