Weekly Report 8 Oct 12

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Weekly Report 8 Oct 12

Post by Brad » Mon Oct 08, 2012 7:30 pm

Bjelke Petersen Dam – Yalakool Camping Grounds hosted a fishing competition over the weekend which enticed a 220 angler field to try their luck. BP has not fished as well as it has in years gone due to the amount of fish that were lost over the wall in the floods. Over the past few months the fishing has steadily improved but it has not been fantastic. Over the weekend the 220 anglers set out to see what they could muster in a tough dam. The pleasing aspect for them was that there were fish caught and quite a few. Silver perch were a main stay over the comp with plenty being landed in the timber and out around Bass point. Many of these fish weighed over a kilo with the largest weighing in at 1.8kg.

The clear standout for the weekend was the quality of the Yellowbelly that were hitting the scales. There were a quite a few yellas weighed in with the biggest going 4.6kg and others also reaching the 4kg mark. These fish were taken up in the timbered area of the dam where there have been some good captures over the past few weeks. Some good sized jewies were also taken in the timber with some exceeding the 2kg mark. The disappointing aspect of the comp was that most of the bass caught were undersize with only a few bass weighed in. The largest bass weighed in was 1.2kg with most of the others tipping the scales between 500g to a kilo, nothing to impressive. Most of the quality fish were taken on bait such as live shrimp and worms with some anglers using prawns and salt water yabbies to some good effect. Lure fishermen once again struggled on the dam with very few fish falling to an imitation bait.

Boondooma Dam – Some nice fish have been caught in Boondooma in the past fortnight using mask vibes, 3/8oz blades and ice jigs. The fish have been taken by bouncing these lures either vertically (ice jigs and blades) or casting the masks and blades out horizontally across the bottom. The fish are still hanging around the start of the Stuart and Boyne Rivers in around 30ft of water. Pelican Point has also had some good shows of fish that have been responding well to the same techniques. This junction area is a reliable place to start casting lures around in about 8 – 10 m of water.

Bass at this time of year begin to spread out and can be found in smaller clumps or groups but are generally hanging out in the usual haunts that they were during winter when they were in much tighter and concentrated schools. So if you find a nice show of fish it is likely that there will be more fish in the vicinity. With the fish following this pattern in Boondooma the deep diving lures now have their place in the tackle box. Smak Blitz Bagas, Golden Child and Brolgas are all solid lures that consistently catch fish in this dam. I also find that the Poltergeist lures work really well across most dams that I have used them.

Trolling these lures allows you to sound around and fish at the same time. This way you can also see which fish are likely to take a lure rather than casting to fish that or inactive and stubborn. On the other hand I have found that inactive fish that will not take an ice jig or cast lure will often respond to a trolled lure.
Target the junction area and the rockier points of the dam in the main basin when you are trolling and should have some success.

Toowoomba Region
Cressbrook Dam – Cressbrook has been fishing fairly well over the fortnight with the odd day here and there where the fishing has been tough. The fish are being found in a few different areas of the dam at the moment due to the fact that the weather is heating up and the schools are starting to separate and become more active.
Up in the Cressbrook Creek arm of the dam there are fish being caught on the first bend where the rock wall meets some weed patches. An eighth of an oz spinnerbait along with bibbed minnows have accounted for these fish. Bass up to 1.8kg have come from this region of the dam, so the quality is there if you’re a re patient.

Eagles nest up in Cressbrook Creek has been productive of late with consistent shows of fish in depths ranging between 20 – 25ft. Once again the fish here are loving plastics on 3/8oz jigheads. Squidgy fish in silver fox and sliders in baby bass rolled through the shows of fish are proving successful. The point across from Eagles nest has had scattered fish all over it and it expected that at some time in the near future they should come together to create a more targetable school. So keep your eye on this area in the next few weeks. The point on the north eastern side of Deer Island has also been an area that has been holding fish of late. This fish have been suckers for a baby bass or lighter coloured plastic rigged on a 3/8th oz jighead.

The bass near the buoy line are still around but are becoming continually more difficult to locate and in turn catch. They have begun to scatter due to the time of year and the pressure they are under and it is likely that they will relocate soon. I have always found that in this dam at this time of year the fish begin to inhabit the points around the dam. Sometimes they are in only 5 – 7 m of water and then on other points you will find them in 7 – 10m of water. Your sounder is your best friend and trolling some 5m+ lures will help you find the fish.

Cooby Dam – This dam has been very quiet of late and nothing has really changed over the fortnight. There are fish being landed but it has been hard going for most anglers. It’s a 50/50 bet on whether or not you will land a fish and it’s a 50/50 bet on where to fish. Previously the fish have been taken in the deeper parts of the dam, however in the previous week reports have it that the Yellowbelly and eeltail catfish have been much closer to the edges in much shallower water. Live shrimp have been the only bait that has been effective so stick with that.

Somerset Dam – With most dams across the Burnett and Toowoomba fishing well it is hard to pick one over another. However, I was able to fish all the dams I report on in the past 2 weeks and Somerset was clearly the most productive and rewarding. It would be hard to go there at present and not get a few scales on board. The pleasing part about the dam is that there are a few areas to target and all of them have quality fish so everyone can have their own patch of fish and enjoy themselves.

Pelican Point is the hot spot at present with most boaters choosing this as their primary location. The fish are spread out right across the point and can be found anywhere from 25 – 40 feet of water. The deeper fish however are in much larger bunches and light up the screen. The difficult aspect of targeting these fish is that they have been suspending in 20 – 25ft so some thought needs to go into the approach you take. I did 3 things to catch these fish. My first option was to use a 3/8 oz plastic in smoke yellow core. I dropped it over the side and counted down how long it took to get to the bottom.

Once I had done this I was then able to cast my lure out, count down my plastic to where the fish were and then slowly wind the lure back to the boat with a few switches. This landed me a couple fish but the bites were few and far between. I changed and used a mask vibe and did the exact same technique which had a better strike rate but not as good as I would have liked. What I had found was after catching some fish in the area they had begun to drop a little lower in the water column were now just above the bottom. I cast the vibe out and started slow rolling with a few small hops in the retrieve. This proved effective before they shut down. The last approach was using the ice jig. The fish were still difficult to catch but I feel that the ice jig was the only lure that would have caught these fish. While I fished Pelican I caught around 15 fish with only 2 undersize, most between 35 -45cm and 2 just on 50cm.

Bay 13 has now seen some fish pop up and there are now some solid schools roaming through the area. The fish are on the Kirkleigh side of the bay and are in around 35ft of water. If you are travelling from Kirkleigh boat ramp as you go past dead tree point go about 150m past it and then head into the bay. If you start sounding immediately and keep yourself about 100 – 150 m from the bank you should start to see some fish. These fish are acting the same as at Pelican so use the same techniques and lures.

The other location that has got some fish on it is Eagles Nest. Eagles nest was actually the first area I targeted as there were about 6 boats fishing the schools on Pelican. The fish here were just inside the bay in about 25ft of water. I used purple Smak ice jigs in this area and did quite well. The first 2 fish I landed were a 50cm and a 45cm Yellowbelly in 2 drops and then for the next hour it was a consistent flow of Bass, Yellowbelly, Spangled Perch and Banded Grunter. The fish here were only active for that hour and then went off the chew. The Bass were not huge in this area but I did snag a couple of Bass over 40cm with most of the catch between 30 – 37cm. When it shut down here I slowly sounded across to Pelican Point and on the way, still in Eagles Nest, and in around 40 – 45ft there were some more fish suspended in 20 – 25ft of water. I was only able to catch 1 fish out of this lot but there were plenty of fish there.
Hope this helps
(If fishin’ was easy, everyone would be doin’ it).

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