Weekly Report 2 Nov 12

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Weekly Report 2 Nov 12

Post by Brad » Fri Nov 02, 2012 7:05 pm

Boondooma Dam – Well Boondooma has quietened off a touch over the fortnight and it no doubt due to the high volume of fishermen hitting the dam. Having said that if you are smart about your fishing and take the time to find a likely area there have been some rewards. At present Pelican Point is the first port of call due to the solid shows of fish across the 10m deep flat. These fish are of good quality but like many impoundment bass they can be hard to tempt at different times. Smak ice jigs are working well when the fish are under the boat and short lifts with pauses have been the fishes undoing. The fish holding in the deeper water have also been targeted by throwing some slider grubs, atomic rippers and squidgy fish in silver fox rigged on a 1/2oz jighead. Slow rolling with a few hops making sure you are in contact with the bottom has done well.

As the weather warms, the fish in Boondooma will start moving up into the shallower banks and there will be more activity up in the timbered area of the dam. There has been some evidence of this in the past fortnight with fish being landed by casting TN 60’s to the bank and working them back to the boat. The fish that are striking near the bank are still not huge but they have been fairly aggressive with the take. For those of you chasing Yellowbelly the rocky points in the main basin have been producing some nice fish with trolled and jigged lures being productive.

Bjelke Petersen – BP is definitely on the improve for both Bass and Yellowbelly fishermen alike. The yellas have been huge and fairly regular. These fish have been partial to some live shrimp dangled in front of them up in the back of the timber. The bass are still not massive but they are hitting trolled deep diving lures.
The well known BassPoint has produced some good fishing in the past fortnight. One regular to the dam reported that he was catching Yellowbelly every few casts with the biggest reaching 2.5kg and most of them averaged out to around the 1.5kg mark. He mentioned that he had not seen fishing like that at BP since the floods. The one other piece of information he was kind enough to share was that he caught only one bass but it went 48cm. This is the first bass of any substance that I have heard of being caught since the flood.

The lure of choice was a smak mini cooper ‘s’ in SK colour and all he did was cast to the edge and slow roll the spinnerbait back to the boat. He reported that he did his best to follow the contour of the bank as most fish were hitting the lure a few winds from the bank as it drifted down the face of the bank.
Creeks and Rivers – There has been some whispers of some really nice fish being caught in Barkers Creek in some deep holes situated on some private property. I am trying to validate these rumours over the weekend but need to make some enquiries first. Will let you know what happens

Toowoomba Region

Somerset Dam – There has been some very happy fishermen and some very disappointed fishermen leaving Somerset dam in the past fortnight. The fish are in big numbers in a few areas of the dam but they are not always hungry. Switched on anglers have been able to make the most of it during the tough periods while others won’t change what they are doing and end up empty handed. A good example of this was evident on my last trip to Somerset. I had planned my day to hit Eagles nest first as most anglers would be on Pelican and the fish would be most likely shut down.

At Eagles Nest we found some fish and got a couple of legals on blades and vibes. Another fishermen came from Pelican Point to join us and he and his wife caught a few small fish on blades. I asked him what it was like over at Pelican and he said that there were plenty of fish but they weren’t biting. More boats came to join us and the fish shut down. We then went over to Pelican to see what was happening and just like the others we found fish but couldn’t catch them. It was after about 20 minutes I didn’t feel confident of catching fish so I thought that we would move location. A few weeks prior I had sounded up some good shows of fish in Bay 13 but on that day they were reluctant to bite. To move away from the crowds and give ourselves the best chance of snagging a scale we moved to Bay 13.

The fish I sounded were still there and after few minutes my wife and her mate were each fighting it out with some brutes. It was a competition to get the fish in first and a challenge not to tangle lines or snap the line. Both girls handled themselves well and brought their fish to the top, a pigeon pair of 43cm fish. A few minutes later I landed one myself that was a touch smaller. After that the fish just shut down. We threw plenty at them for the next hour but no fish.

After lunch the wind had picked up slightly, just enough to make ripples on the surface of the water. We once again went through a few different lures and techniques to try and turn these fish on but once again, nothing. It was then that I suggested that we start at the top of the bay and let the breeze drift us across the fish and we either cast or ‘drift and lift’ our lures. I am not sure why but this techniques was working a treat as this seemed to turn the fish into aggressive hunters. All fish were hitting hard and taking the lure right down. What we did was used 1/4oz blades with zx hooks as the trailers and we slowly lifted the line and then let it sink back down. The lift was quite pronounced and the sink was quite slow. They were slamming it on the drop.

What we found was that there were solid clumps of fish in individual schools all the way through the northern end of Bay 13 down to the end of the sticks about a 1/3 of the way down the bay. Each school seem to have its own personality, some would bite hard, others were subtle and some not at all.
No one was fishing the area apart from us and talking to people at the boat ramp nothing substantial was taken where they were fishing. I think that it was because we were willing to change things around that we got the bite that day and caught some memorable fish.

Cressbrook Dam – As I mentioned previously the fish in Cressbrook are starting to scatter and move closer to the edges. Previously the solid schools of fish were found in and around the 10m mark but now it will be more beneficial to scout around in the shallower water of about 5m. Cressbrook Creek (rock wall) is a good example of this where some fish have been holding and are now pushing up into the shallower water. The fish are still at Deer Island but they are moving around quite a lot and a morning session seems to be the best time to target these fish. The buoy line near the pump station has continued to attract fish to the area. As the water warms up in the dam and the fish begin to go into the shallows it is time to get the spinnerbaits , TN 60’s and blades out. These baits offer ‘bling’, ‘rattle’ or ‘vibration’ which get a great reaction from the bass lurking on the edges.
Hope this helps,
Brendan (If fishin’ was easy, everyone would be doin’ it)

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