Weekly Report 17 Nov 12

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Weekly Report 17 Nov 12

Post by Brad » Sat Nov 17, 2012 11:27 am

Boondooma Dam – The warmer weather is starting to really heat up and with that comes a change in tactics when searching for fish. The fish are still in some of the common areas, like Pelican Point and there have been some good captures in the deeper parts of the area. Blades, masks and trolled smak deep divers have been picking up most of the fish. What is now just as reliable, is the timbered area of the dam up both arms. At the moment the Stuart arm is the pick with more reports of better fish coming in. Most of the anglers that are getting good results are heading a fair way down the river into the areas where there is plenty of dead timber in close proximity to the shallows. Most anglers are opting for smak spinnerbaits (1/2 and 5/8oz) in natural colours of greens and olives. Lighter coloured purples also got some action. What is working is casting right up in the shallows and then slowly winding back past the timber. This is when the fish are smashing it. The key to the success is to find an area where there is a lot of timber around not just some here and there. The more cover the more action seems to be the go at present.

Bjelke Petersen – Well, good Yellowbelly have been the ticket this fortnight with many 3 – 4kg models being nailed throughout the dam. Bait fishermen have been getting their bag up in the timber on live shrimp and saltwater yabbies. Lure casters have been hitting Bass Point using spinnerbaits to get both Yellas and Bass. The Bass have been on the smaller side which has been the norm for a while now. Trolling lures in the timber, around Bass Point and on the drop offs in the deeper parts of the dam has been the most successful technique this fortnight. Deep diving smaks, crazy deeps and poltergeists have been doing the damage.

Toowoomba Region
Somerset Dam – Well it just keeps chuggin’ along. Somerset is still fishing well for most fishermen at the moment. The areas to fish haven’t changed from the last report but anglers catching fish are changing their tactics to land some fish. In the last report I mention Bay 13 as a spot we hit and had great success. This fortnight has seen this area get a bit of a hiding from anglers who missed the recent rain. The fish here are mostly stubborn and some thought or persistence needs to be put in to get a positive result. Trolling has now been a successful tactic to try with 5 – 6m divers in purple colours being quite effective. Seasoned trollers have been making sure that they let their lures a long way behind the boat so they get a bit more depth and also the boat noise is limited. This has been working well. Apart from that, try the techniques that I mentioned last report as they are proven winners for me on this dam time and time again.

The timbered areas of Kirkleigh have had some deep schooled fish sitting in and around them for the past fortnight. In fact there were a heap of fish here a few months back abut they dispersed after being smashed by everyone with a boat. The fish have showed up again but they are much tighter to the timber. Ice jigs and spinnerbaits in and around the timber have been doing well here but like other areas of the dam you may have to work hard for them. There have also been reports of some scattered fish around the flats on the kirkleigh side of Rabbit Island. Once again spinnerbaits have been producing here. The frustrating aspect of these fish is they are hard to allocate all the time. They are there but they are moving and can be in one spot one day and in another the next day.

Cressbrook Dam
– This dam has had some good fish landed in recent weeks with many anglers reporting fish in and around the 45 – 50 cm mark. Most of the fish are falling to trolled lures in different parts of the dam. The bigger fish are being taken while trolling 6m smak divers and RMG crazy deeps about 2/3 across the dam from the boat ramp. Anglers are heading out from the boat ramp with lures in the water and trolling across to the opposite bank and then positioning themselves about 100m off the bank and then moving in the direction of the dam wall. Eagles nest is still producing fish up in the Cressbrook arm of the dam and these fish have been taken on Jackals cast to the edge and hopped along the bottom. Trolling in this area would be a good option because the fish have been fished hard and have scattered quite a bit. With fish moving and separating like this you can cover a lot of ground while trolling and find the more active fish.

Cooby Dam – Despite the reports you may have heard in some magazines Cooby has not been fishing too badly. A few mates headed out there last week for their first ever trip to the dam. They didn’t know what to expect but got some good advice from Highfields bait and tackle on where to go. Long story short, they fished for 6 hours and got 12 yellowbelly. The fish were not huge but they were active and fun to catch. They were told to fish area around the pontoon and not being regulars to the dam they did as they were told. They hit the deeper water around the pontoon and also just around the corner from there. They could see some arches on the sounder and cast over and over again for only one fish. They decided to troll for a bit with jackals and the cheaper knock-offs (Kokoda g-vibes) in bone colour and that is when they had some success.
Hope this helps,
“If fishin’ was easy, everyone would be doin’ it”.

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