Weekly Report 30 Nov 12

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Weekly Report 30 Nov 12

Post by Brad » Fri Nov 30, 2012 6:47 pm

Boondooma Dam – Boondooma is continuing a good run for anglers at present as fish are being caught by most that are venturing out. Most of the action is occurring in 2 main areas of the dam but fish are being taken throughout the dam. The Stuart River arm of the dam is the pick of the spots as it has been for the last month or so. There is some good action up in amongst the stickier sections of the river. Throwing spinnerbaits close to the banks and near the timber is working a treat at present and this spinnerbait bite should continue and get even better at the hot weather sets in. At present the large double blade lures have been working better than the smaller presentations. This can change quickly so be prepared to down size if the bite is just not happening. Once again, Pelican Point is proving a real mainstay for most anglers. There are scattered schools across the flats in this area but be sure to look for a bit deeper water for better concentrations of fish. Blades, Ice jigs and mask vibes have worked well here along with the odd plastic. Some part time fishermen friends of mine were out there during the fortnight and caught some fish down in the Boyne River but it was pretty hard going. On the way back to the ramp they hit a few of the points in the main basin and snagged some solid Yellowbelly. All they did was troll some 5m divers from one side of the point to the other and then back again before moving to the next point.

Bjelke Petersen – Despite the indifferent reports that are coming in from BP it is still worth a look especially if you are just taking the family out for a fun day. Like most weeks the fish have not been huge but there are some good reports of some solid numbers of fish being caught. A regular at a local fishing store was recently talking about his day out there where he and his mate caught plenty of fish off Bass Point using 3 and 5 m divers cast to the edge and then ripped down. Most fish were around the 30cm mark but some were as large at 42cm. There have been plenty of thumping Yellowbelly that by all reports are of better quality than what was being taken before the floods. Catching a fish in excess of 3.5kg is not all that uncommon at present. The best results are up in the timber on live bait but lure casters are catching some along Bass Point and up in the timber on blades.

Rivers and Creeks – Last week, an excited fisherman rushed into a local fishing store with pictures of a fish he had hauled out of Barambah creek at the back of Cherbourg. What he had caught was an 85cm Saratoga believed to have scaped from BP in the floods. He had caught the fish just casting a jackal imitation (kokoda G-Vibe) in red and silver.

Toowoomba Region
Somerset Dam – Somerset just keeps on keeping on at the moment. Unfortunately there has been a reduction in the bigger fish being caught but there have been some good numbers of fish being landed. Pelican Point is still getting hammered by every man and his dog but they are still getting fish. These fish have been on the smaller side with the odd larger model being caught here and there. The fish have been schooling up here but they are now beginning to thin out a little so they can be harder to target with certain lures and techniques. When the fish scatter like this it is difficult to entice a bite with any technique that is vertical to the boat. Having said that, if you find some scattered fish in a small area it sometimes pays off to hold that spot and wait as the fish will often school up under your boat. At this point a vertical presentation can trigger a bite. Trolling lures across these flats with deep diving lures is a great way of covering ground until you have found better shows of fish. When you find these better shows cast some blades and masks around for best results.

A few anglers have been taking a few smaller fish in and around the spit. Take a look off the very end of the spit as they will often be sitting there in water from 7 – 10 m of water. Also throwing some spinnerbaits at the banks has been successful in the past fortnight. There are not a heap of fish but if you put in the effort you should be rewarded. By far the pick of the spots at Somerset is Bay 13. Every year this area holds fish but for some reason anglers have been neglecting it. I reported a month or so ago about there being some very good fish being in the area. Since then I have been there again and again, whenever I have had a chance and each time I have been the only person there and catching some very good fish. There are other fishermen on Pelican, fishing Eagles Nest and Red Rock but I am the only one at Bay 13 just living the dream. Hopping ¼ oz blades is slaying these fish at the moment. At present it is not uncommon to catch the 50cm fish that people are craving. My advice is that if you were heading out to Somerset, then pick Bay 13 as your go to area and then change plans from there if things don’t pan out. Fish are also being taken around the timber at Kirkleigh. Like I have said previously the fish here are either easy to find or difficult. If you put the time in you will find some fish. As the hotter weather continues the fish will start head up into the timbered areas and will be a good place to start if the other hot spots are crowded.

Lake Cressbrook – Lake Cressbrook has been very tough, extremely frustrating or a rewarding days fishing. The frustrating part is the fact that the fish are not that difficult to find but the fish will not take a bait. The tough part is that you can try many different lures and many different techniques and still not raise a scale. The rewarding part is that if you use what you know and put some thought into what you are doing, the fish will come. Fish have been found around the Toilet Block Point area and around Deer Island but from all the people I have spoken to who have fished the dam there has been little success. These fish are not in great concentrations and are out in the deeper water. People fishing the shallower water with spinnerbaits and plastics have been more successful . Casting these baits in 5/8oz and 1/2oz have worked best. Chuck them to the edges and you will find that the fish will hit the lure about a third of the way back. The points around the dam and the rocky edge near Eagles Nest has been fairly successful for most switched on anglers. The longer point across from Eagles Nest has also accounted for some fish.

Cooby Dam – Another dam that has been getting a bad rap from fishing reporters. The dam is not going to deliver massive hauls of fish but it is worth a fish as many anglers are very happy with their days fishing. Spinnerbaits cast to the edge where there is some weedy cover has accounted for some fish. However, the best option in these areas has been using suspending lures like jackal chubbies, squirrles and Berkley 3B crankbaits. These lures are cast to the weedy edges and then ripped down. Once you get it down let it sit for a moment before moving the lure again. The fish have liked the pause and have taken the lure not long after the next roll after the pause. Finally, there has been a report of Cod being taken. It was only one (not huge) and it was taken on a larger sized spinnerbait thrown to the weedy edges. There will be a lot of casts between fish but for those of us that have caught a Cod it is often worth the wait.
Hope this helps,
(If fishin’ was easy, everyone would be doin’ it)

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