Weekly Report 19 Dec 12

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Weekly Report 19 Dec 12

Post by Brad » Wed Dec 19, 2012 7:22 pm

Bjelke Petersen Dam – BP has really fished well over the fortnight with some massive yellas being caught and also some good hauls of bass. For those chasing yellas the go to technique at the moment is to slow troll spinnerbaits (5/8 oz) and smak 16’s out in the middle of the dam from Bass Point up to the beginning of the timber. The key is to move quite slowly so that the lure will get down to where the fish are. At present they are not sitting on the bottom they are up off it and are very active so they will find it hard to resist what you are offering. The bass on the other hand are up in the shallows of the banks throughout the dam. Bass point to the timber is still the pick of the spots but try all shallow points that drop into deeper water and you should find some fish. Casting small little max blades to the banks and hopping them down has been effective and on some days will account for a lot of fish. The fish are generally around the legal mark with the odd larger fish thrown in. Some reports are that you will catch a heap of smaller fish or you will catch fewer fish but all will be legal. It depends on the area and what you are doing.

Boondooma Dam – The fishing has still been productive out at Boondooma with fish being landed regularly by most anglers. The area after the second yellow marker buoy where it opens up into another basin before you get to the junction has been a good area to start. The fish are being caught by trolling smak’s, poltergeists and other deep diving lures. The area out from the third yellow marker buoy, in the middle of the dam, it working well for trollers, using the same lures. Leisegangs is now seeing some shows of fish with some anglers catching some there through the fortnight.

Toowoomba Region
Cressbrook Dam – Is fishing extremely tough at present and as we head into the holidays the fishing will probably be even more difficult. Cressbrook tends to shut down a lot when there is plenty of fishing pressure. I would give the dam a miss for a while but if you wanted to have a go try the usual haunts like toilet block point, deer island and down in Cressbrook creek along the rock wall and opposite the wall where there is a submerged point. Somerset Dam – Somerset is fishing really well again this week. There are fish in many areas across the dam and they don’t seem to be too hard to catch. A recent Bass comp held there is testament to that with most anglers catching great bags of fish and upgrading throughout each session. The size was good with fish up to 54cm being measured. Bay 13 was the pick of the spots with most good fish being taken in the area.

Hopping masks and slow rolling slider grubs were working a treat. The sliders were cut down slightly and rigged on ½ oz and 5/8oz smak jigheads. They were cast out and then just wound back with a few small twitches here and there. Pelican Point has still got fish on it but they have scattered and can be much more difficult to locate. They are in small patches and are been found more regularly in the deeper parts of the point. The front of Queen Street is again proving to be a good area to fish using the same techniques and lures as Bay 13. Up in the timber there are 100’s of Silver Perch and Bass that have fallen victim to a well placed and presented blade cast to the shallow banks. And also trolling some Brolgas and other divers has accounted for these fish.

Cooby Dam – Cooby is also fishing well at the moment. Recent trips out there have seen some good catches of yellas. Fish close to and over 50cm are now being more regularly landed. What has been happening is that the fish are suspending in about 12 – 15ft of water where the water depth is around 30ft. The pick of the spots is straight across from the boat ramp opposite the rock wall. Slow troll Jackalls and cast jackals at these fish and should have some success. The trolling must be slow as the Jackall will not get to the depth you need it will sit high in the water column. The rock wall is another area that will hold fish so give that a go as well.

Bundaberg Region
Monduran Dam – A recent trip to Monduran yielded some good returns of fish. There were no 1m plus jobs but the numbers of fish made up for that. Casting silent Jackal Squirrels and giving it a few rips was a good tactic. Most of the fish were caught in and around structure like fallen trees and weed banks but there were some occasions were casting out in the middle from the edge of the weeds was working well. All the fish were caught up in the H arm of the dam at the very back.

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