Weekly Report 8 Jan 13

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Weekly Report 8 Jan 13

Post by Brad » Tue Jan 08, 2013 6:43 pm

Firstly, I hope everyone had an enjoyable and safe holiday and received a Christmas gift that you can use on the water. I know I got some things that were much needed. Anyway let’s get to the fishing.

Bjelke Petersen Dam – I have had a chance of late to get out to BP and really explore it now that the fish are active and can be seen easily on the sounder. What all anglers are finding is that the fish are not that hard to find and in most cases not that hard to catch. With the word getting around about the great fishing at BP there has been a lot of pressure but at the moment the fishing is holding up and anglers are reaping the rewards. The area which is getting a fair work over is Bass Point. The fish are sitting in a few areas around this point so it important to explore before locking in a spot to fish.

The fish are sitting in about 20 -25ft of water on the flats out from the point. They are all through the water column so it is possible to jig for them, bounce along the bottom or cast and retrieve. All techniques have been uccessful. Smaller ¼ oz blades in silver or purple have been working really well. Blades with a real tight action like Berkley Big Eye and Strikepro Cyber Vibes have been smashing them. Any blade will do the job and they are great to use with all techniques. A little closer in near the spindly sticks there are some very good Yellowbelly sitting in around 15ft of water not more than 10m from the end of the second set of sticks.

Blades, icejigs and spinnerbaits have worked well. It is important to be mindful that there is some submerged timber here and the fish are quite good at using it to their advantage. So tighten the drag and work hard to get them up before they get you. Around the corner from Bass Point is a small patch of fish in around 20ft just out from the weed edge. Blades and vibes have been taking care of these fish. There are only Bass in this area that I have found. The Bass throughout the dam are still small in the main part but I was able to snare some legal fish out of this area. The next point down from Bass Point is laden with a heap of fish both Bass and Yellowbelly.

Trollers have been having a field day in this area using ½ oz and 5/8 oz spinnerbaits. The fish here are spread out but there are some big patches of fish along the point. The southern side of the point has seen better concentrations of fish with some monster Yellowbelly (over 60cm) amongst them. The fish have been responding best to blades cast away from the boat as it sits off the school. Once the lure hits the bottom, let it sit for a moment and then give it a few quick hops before winding with a fairly quick retrieve, then slow the wind down to let it hit the bottom again before repeating the technique to the boat. The fish here have been smashing the lure with this retrieve.

Down in the timber has been quite prolific at times with hauls of fish up to and well over 100 fish. As you enter the timbered area the point of timber on the left has been fruitful for bait fisho’s and trollers. The trollers are using spinnerbaits, working the edge of the timber and across the mouth of the bay near the Eagles Nest. A little further up on the left of the dam up to and past the next point there have been plenty of fish being caught casting 5/8oz spinnerbaits (purple/olive/brown) to the banks alongside the individual standing timber. The bigger Bass (40+cm) have been taken here along with some good Yellowbelly. The fish in the area have been so thick at times that icejigs have been working to the point where it is a fish a drop.

Boondooma Dam – Boondooma is continuing to fish well despite the massive amounts of people that have ventured out there over the holiday period. The plethora of speed boats have made it difficult to fish at times but anglers have managed to make the most of it. What has made it challenging is that many of the better fishing spots at the moment are out in the main basin which is where these ski boats are circling. In the next few weeks the fish at Boondooma begin to move back into the main basin and congregate around the points and down near the dam wall. In fact there are now some signs of fish moving around the dam wall and fish have been located in and around the points near the dam wall.

Soft plastics have been good here and lures like jackal TN 60’s are a good choice as they are great searching lures. Many of the points in the main basin have fish holding on them at the moment and in the most part these fish are of good quality. They are sitting in small schools in about 5 – 10m and have been taking blades and mask vibes. Leisegangs Ledge has again become a focal point of the dam and some very good sized Bass (48cm fork) have been taken here. Trolling spinnerbaits have been the best because the fish have been close to the trees and sunken timber. The spinnerbaits have allowed them to get close to the structure and not snag every few seconds. These trolling sessions have yielded up to 20 fish and all of them good quality.

The timbered area of the Stuart Arm of the dam has still been producing some very good fish. Trolling heavier spinnerbaits have been doing the job in the timber. Many of the fish are sitting from the start of the timber back towards the mouth of the creek. Many of the trollers have been starting a few hundred metres into the timber (around Wadey’s Point) and then working their way back towards the main basin of the dam. If you were more inclined to cast then this area of the Stuart is a good place to start. In particular the first point on the right before entering Lambing Creek has had plenty of fish on it and in the surrounding areas. So start at the point and then work the banks nearby.

Jackal TN 60’s, Mask Vibes and blades have been good here when they are cast out and slowly hopped and rolled along the bottom. The fish that have been hanging around Pelican Point are still close by but they have moved. The Boyne Rocks just inside the mouth of the Boyne River has housed some of these fish of late and blades have been accounting for these fish. Working from Pelican Point up the Boyne along Boyne Rocks and down to the timber would be a good option. Probably avoid going any further as the water quality is still recovering since the little inflow we had from some recent storms.

Toowoomba Region
Somerset Dam – Somerset has been producing great hauls of fish at the moment and have done for quite some time now. The reputation of this dam for big Bass is still holding up with some 50+cm models being caught. At present there are only a couple of spots that are holding fish but there are plenty of fish in each area. Like everyone who fishes the dam would know this does not always mean they will be easy to catch. Pelican Point has come back with a vengeance and now has large concentrations of fish on both sides of the flats area where it drops into deeper water. The fish are spread so long casts to cover ground is essential. While casting, allow the boat to drift rather than stay in one spot as the fish have been bunching up under the boat and not biting. With this in mind there are a few options to make the fish more receptive to your offerings.

The first is trolling. Trolling is really effective at this time of year and is a great way to find better schools of fish while still fishing. Deep diving lures that get down to 7 or 8m are essential and keeping the boat moving at a good speed. The second technique that I found gets these fish interested is the drift and lift. To do this technique effectively there must be a gentle breeze to get your boat moving. When you find the fish move past the fish directly into the wind and then stop the boat and turn off the engine. Drop the lure over the side allowing it to reach the bottom. Lures like River 2 Sea Glassie Vibes, Blades and Lipless Crankbaits work well for this technique. Once the wind begins to move the boat let out some more line so that the lure is not too close to the boat. As the line tightens begin to lift the lure with gentle lifts and then drop it back to the fish. More aggressive lifts are also effective so have a bit of a play with it. Time and time again this technique has worked for me when the fishing gets tough.

Bay 13 has had some very good fish in the area but the area has been hammered. The fish are there and there are plenty but they have scattered and become somewhat wary of lures. The successful anglers here have been trollers using Smak Brolgas and Blitz Bagas. Out from Queen Street is still holding fish but like Bay 13 there has been some pressure and they have scattered. Trollers have had some success but the area does have some deeper parts where the diving lures just can’t get to. Casting and jigging has been more successful than any other technique but the fishing here has slowed down a bit.

Cressbrook Dam – Cressbrook has been tough again for the last fortnight and like I mentioned previously the higher volume of visitors makes it very difficult to catch fish in this dam. Having said that, if you manage to catch some fish they have been of good quality. Fishing the submerged point across from the rock wall in Cressbrook creek is the go at the moment. Casting plastics with paddle tails on ½ oz jigheads has been most successful however others have been trolling deep divers and casting suspended (2m) lures with some success. The fish are sitting in about 4- 7m of water which means they aren’t all that deep so casting to the banks and around structure in shallower water may be the best option in the dam at the moment.
Hope this helps,
(If fishin’ was easy, everyone would be doin’ it).

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