Weekly Report 16 Apr 13

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Weekly Report 16 Apr 13

Post by Brad » Tue Apr 16, 2013 9:54 am

South Burnet Fishing Report
Well it has been a while between drinks or a fish but I have managed to get out there and wet a line or two in the past few weeks. At the moment the fishing is still extremely slow and unreliable as you would expect after the flooding.

Somerset Dam
– Somerset seems to have responded the best from the floods and is the best option for the diehard fishermen who just have to go out and have a fish. Because the water level of the dam has been close to 100% for a while Somerset just needs to have the water settle for there to be some good fishing again. I took a look out there last week as I wanted to know what the fish were doing and where they might be during this dirty water period. At first glance the water doesn’t seem too bad, it is only when you drop your lure in the water and find that it disappears a few inches under the boat do you really recognise that the water is still very dirty. With this in mind I tried to find some cleaner water and began to hit the banks around rockier areas of Bay 13 as I have found that these areas seem to be just that little bit cleaner.

After a while I found that this was just not working. Not only was I not getting any interest I was not seeing any fish on the sounder. My next option was to try somewhat deeper away from the edges to see if the fish were hugging the bottom where the cooler and often cleaner water is. To my excitement I found some patches of fish in about 35 – 40ft of water. They were right on the bottom and they did not seem very active. As the visibility of the lures in the water was quite poor it was important to choose a lure that the fish could pick up through either, colour, vibration or scent. After many lure changes I finally had some success on a Lucky Craft LV RTO (50mm) in ‘to craw’ colour juiced up with some Halco freshwater scent. This particular colour has some darker reds and orange colours which I have found work effectively when the water is dirty. My thoughts are that the colours help to create a silhouette that the fish can hone in on.

Also when the flooding happens, a lot of the farming soil flows into the waterway and often the colour of this soil is that red to orange or brown colour. As the sediment settles the fish will have some of this soil settle on them making them darker in colour on their backs. My technique was to roll the lure through the fish using long casts to cover ground. I moved the lure just fast enough to get the rattle and the wiggle happening but I wanted to keep the lure in their faces for as long as I could as they were not active fish. This technique worked for about an hour where I managed to bag a few Bass around the 35 – 38cm mark. Not huge fish but rewarding for the amount of effort I had to put in to catch them. Once these fish had shut down I went searching for more fish. I moved to the point across from Red Rock and worked the small flat in this area casting to the banks using my Lucky Craft lure. I had no luck at first so I changed my lure to a Duo Realis lipless crankbait in Red tiger colour as this has a really tight action and sends out a heap of vibration as well as being quite slender in profile which I felt allowed me to work the lure fairly slow but still get good purchase on the lure. I only got 1 fish here on the Realis crankbait for about 45 minutes work.

The last place I tried was out from Eagles Nest. To my surprise I had found a nice patch of fish but once again they seemed to be sulking on the bottom and not terribly active. These fish were in that deeper pocket of water around the 35 – 40ft mark so I used the same lure I was using in Bay 13. Once again a lot of work put into these fish for only one fish which I had caught on about the 3rd cast. Time had run out for me on the day but I did have a chat to some anglers who were bait fishing Queen Street and had caught a couple of legal Bass and the odd Jewfish. Others up in the timber were catching Bass near the Cattle yards as well as in the very beginning of the timber. I put out the Redclaw traps and got a good feed while talking to some campers they had had a skin full of them for their entire trip. The baits that are working well for these delectable treats are rockmelon, paw paw, sunlight soap, tinned cat food and par boiled potatoes.

Cressbrook Dam – No report due to closures

Bjelke Peteresen Dam – Nothing happeing the water is filthy. Some redclaw and Jewfish for those who would bother going out there at the moment.

Boondooma Dam – Much like BP the water is still very dirty and not many people could be bothered heading out there to try their luck. Many anglers have resorted to bait fishing and are catching some Golden’s, small Bass and Jewfish. The big drawcard for this dam at present is that it is teaming with red claw and almost every angler is getting their fair share of these wonderfully tasty morsels.

Cooby Dam – Cooby had some inflow during the floods and it has dirtied up the water. Before the floods the fishing was gradually getting better and better with good catches of Yellowbelly being registered. Many people thought that this progress in the dam maybe halted or slowed but this is not the case. The yellas have responded really well and are thriving in the discoloured water. Fish have been found in about 20 to 30 feet of water near weed edges and cover. Anglers trolling lures that are getting down to these depths and close to these structures are cashing in quite regularly. Also casting and trolling Jackalls slowly have been working well just make sure they are keeping in contact or very close to the bottom and are wound or trolled slow enough that the lure stays in their face but is still vibrating and rattling.

In closing….
For those of you are keen to get out there and have a go the rewards are there but they are few and far between. My advice is to have a go but do not get too disappointed if the fish aren’t jumping in your boat. It is a good time to try some new things, some new areas in the dams you may not have tried but most importantly just enjoy the waterways whether you are catching fish or not. Now, I will endeavour to produce a report each fortnight like I have done previous, however at the moment the fishing is just so unpredictable that it is difficult to promise anything.
Hope this helps,
“If fishin’ was easy, everyone would be doin’ it”

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