Weekly Report 7 May 13

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Weekly Report 7 May 13

Post by Brad » Tue May 07, 2013 10:08 am

I have managed to get out and about a bit this fortnight hitting a few different dams, creeks and rivers with some mixed results.
Somerset Dam – After the last report I managed to get back out onto Somerset and once again the fishing was quite tough. You have to put the hard yards in for any reward. From the last trip to now you can see that the water is getting clearer but it is still far from perfect. With this in mind I was intent on finding some clean water as this is where I thought the fish would be. At this time of year as the water cools the fish will generally go deeper but with the weather still on the warmer side I was fairly confident that the shallows would be my best bet.

I first hit Bay 13 as I found some solid shows in the deeper water last time. I was not surprised to find that these fish were a lot more scattered and much harder to target. I went in closer to the bank positioning my boat so that I was casting into 5 – 6m of water and working my jackal TN 60 (Brown Dog) along the bottom. Unfortunately, I had no success. I moved across to Eagles nest and tried the exact same tactic with the same lure and technique and was fortunate enough to land 1Bass going 39cm. I plugged along here for a while with an odd bump but nothing to aggressive. After a while I decided to troll the area with a purple poltergeist which I have found works in all conditions. I worked from the point around into the timber area where I picked up 2 smaller bass.

My next stop was along the shallows of Pelican Point where I noticed fish on the sounder in 4 -5m of water and after many lure changes and subtle technique alterations I landed another small Bass. Others in the area said that they had also noticed some fish on their sounders and were only catching the odd fish here and there but mostly trolling and mostly small. The Red Claw have once again been very productive with rockmelon still a standout as bait but boiled potatoes have caught their fair share also.

Bjelke Petersen Dam – BP has been somewhat of a no go zone for most anglers since the last series of floods as the water has been extremely discoloured and almost all anglers coming up empty handed. Some keen fishermen have been heading out there of late with some success for those who are willing to put in the effort. The main catch at present are Jewies and the odd Yellowbelly. Bait fishermen using worms and shrimp are having by far the better time of it with no reports of anyone catching fish on lures. Most reports have the fish being caught up in the timber in areas that have less turbidity.
Like most other dams in the area Red Claw have become high on the priority list for fishermen as they’re quite willing to play the game at present with Potatoes proving a winner. There is also plenty of live shrimp in the dam at present being caught in shrimp traps throughout.

Boondooma Dam – The water is slowly but surely clearing but it still has while to go. Fishing has been steady with the timbered areas being the pick of the spots to fish. While the water is still discoloured it is important to think about your lure choice with special consideration given to colour, vibration and noise. With this in mind, spinner baits would be a great selection as they have blades for bling and vibration, they have skirts for colour and also a little bling and because of the metal components they make a bit of a rat-a-tat-tat as you a retrieve. Spinner baits are known as a reaction bait meaning that the fish will hit it on instinct a natural reaction thinking that it’s food and they must have it. This is super when the fish are somewhat timid as in many cases the fish will hit a spinnerbait when they will not touch anything else. The other great feature of a spinnerbait is that they are virtually snag free and in most instances will bounce over the trees, rocks and submerged logs when you are retrieving.

The fish are currently lurking around the timbered areas of the dam with Jewies and Yellowbelly being the main fish landed. Spinnerbaits have been effective cast close to structure and allowed to fall before retrieving. Once again the bait fishermen are having the best of it using worms and shrimp to good effect. Red Claw have been in plague proportions at Boondooma with massive hauls being reported. Traps baited with vegie peels, rockmelon, dog & cat food as well as potato are proving a hit. The best results have been toward the dam wall in water anywhere from 5 to 15ft of water. This week Boondooma is hosting their annual Yellowbelly comp with huge numbers of participants so the dam will cop a flogging. On the plus side with that many boats on the water and people trying to find fish we should get a better indication of where the fish are and what they are responding to for the next report.

Cressbrook Dam – Unfortunately due to the opening, closing and reopening of Cressbrook I have been unable to obtain any information on this dam as the people I know that fish it whenever they can have not had the opportunity.

Cooby Dam – Cooby has been a real reliable place to fish of late as very few if any anglers heading home without boating a fish. Most anglers have been fishing any flats they can find that are dropping off into deeper water. The fish on these flats are schooling up in around 6 or 7 m of water with many of the flats accommodating more than one school of fish. A great place to start for anyone who has not fished the dam is just out from the boat ramp as most of the bigger hauls of fish have come from this area. People using live shrimp and saltwater yabbies have been cleaning up in this spot and in other areas of the dam. Those throwing lures have been using jackals TN 60 slowly rolled through schools of goldens on the bottom. Others have been slow rolling ½ oz little max blades they have also jigged ice jigs and the blades near any schools that are closer to weedier edges.

Rivers and Creeks – With many of the dams fishing hard I have taken the opportunity to stretch the legs and take a few walks along a couple of the banks of the local creeks. I am not the only one thinking this way as there have been a couple bank side chats with other keen anglers wanting to get their fix. When BP dam flooded a few years back a few of the creeks were the beneficiary as the stocked fish that once called the dam home were now finding a place to live in the creeks. Many anglers were catching massive hauls of fish. With this in mind we fished Ficks crossing. The fishing was not fantastic however we caught around 12 fish between the 2 of us for a 4 hour session. I was casting a Jackall TN60 in Bone colour and my mate was tossing around an assortment of spinnerbaits. Both were effective, we tossed them close to any structure we could find and let them sink a little before winding slowly back to the bank. Most fish were hitting the lure not far from the structure we were casting at.

Others using bait have put more time in and in return they have got the rewards. Worms have been the big hit with live shrimp and salt water yabbies coming in a close second. I am of the belief that worms are working due to the run off from the banks and the worms coming to the surface and then being washed into the creeks. Other places of interest that have been producing fish are Cooyar creek (yellas, bass and jewies) on worms, the silver leaf weir (silvers, yellas and bass) on bait, and the creeks at the back of Cherbourg. As I mentioned last report, I am endeavouring to get as much reliable information I can to let you know where they’re biting in our area. The fishing is getting gradually better and I am getting some more reports and I personally am able to get more time on the water to give you first hand reports. Hopefully this will continue.
Hope this helps,
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