Weekly Report 2 Jun 13

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Weekly Report 2 Jun 13

Post by Brad » Tue Jul 02, 2013 7:15 pm

Once again I must apologise for the inconsistent reports from this region but to be hones not a great deal has changed. I would hate to give you false information so that is why I am only reporting when I have some reliable information or I have been out fishing myself. So the information I have got is first hand and as recent as I can get it.

Somerset Dam – For those of us who live in the region, Somerset is about the most reliable dam to fish at the moment. The main reason for this is that the water is clearing at a quicker rate than other dams in the region. The fishing is not red hot but if you put the effort in you should get some rewards. Somerset is one of those dams that can be fairly predictable in that at certain times of the year you can target fish in specific areas. As the water cools the bass in Somerset begin to head out into the main basin areas and school up in generally large concentrations of fish. This hasn’t happened just yet but this is expected to happen in the next few weeks.

At the moment there are small schools of fish scouting around the flats of Pelican Point, The flats out from Kirkleagh and out from the old boat ramp at the Spit. These fish are generally being targeted with slow rolled soft plastics weighted with 3/8 and ½ oz jigheads. The heavier jig heads are in use as the fish are down low close to the bottom. A good tactic to find fish at the moment is to drift across the flats and make long casts in order to cover ground and find larger schools of fish or more condensed fish.

When these fish are found anglers have been using there electrics to hold on top of these fish and hammer them with ice jigs. The final place where some fish have been taken is at Queen Street on the bank closest to the Kirkleagh boat ramp. Here anglers have been using the trusty Jackal where they cast right up in the shallows and slow roll the lure back to the boat.

Cressbrook Dam – Very few reports coming from Cressbrook at present. The fish are very scattered and can be hard to target. Lure fishermen have really struggled but bait fishermen have had a little more success. Anglers have been attacking the banks around Deer Island, Toilet Point and the submerged point across from Eagles Nest. Plenty of effort for not much reward.

Boondooma Dam – Well Boondooma has some of the worst coloured water I have seen in a dam. It is the colour of milky tea and this is from the main basin right up into the very backs of the creek arms. The frustrating aspect of the dam is that it is not terribly difficult to find fish but it is virtually impossible to get them to bite. The fish that have been taken are of good quality with most of them over the kilo mark. Anglers that have been having success have venture up into the back of the creeks arms and have found small patches of fish to work away at.

The fish at present are not feeding with any aggression and many of the bites have come after many casts in the same area. Successful anglers have worked a small section of bank holding fish and just hammered it until the fish bite. When looking for a section to fish, rocky banks and timbered edges have been producing. Casting darker and bronze coloured jackals and evergreen blades and ZX 40’s have done the job and if possible have a little red or orange in the colour. Another interesting and effective tactic is to fit ZX 40 hooks to the back of your lures to take advantage of the short strikes and give yourself the best opportunity to hook up.

If you don’t want to travel all the way down the back of the creeks there are plenty of areas to target but they are just not as productive. One area that is not too far down the Stuart is a bank on the inside of the first big sweeping right hand turn. The Point here is named Sinn’s point and fishing from there down to the left for 100m or so has been productive. Fish up to 2kg have been taken here using ZX 40’s cast to the bank and jigged vertically when more concentrated fish come under the boat. Some big yellow belly have also been taken in this area on jackals.

Bjelke Petersen Dam – No reports

Cooby Dam – No reports

Creeks and Rivers – Those of us in the area who want to fish the fresh and can’t see the point hitting the dams have been walking the banks recently with some good success. Mondure crossing is still producing yellowbelly and small bass but the area is beginning to see more people fishing it and as a result the numbers are down. Try and walk away from the crowds to give yourself the best chance. Lures and baits have both been working. Broadwater access is an area that I had not visited before but it was well worth the trip.

The area is great for fishing as it has heaps of structure and you can walk the bank and cast with ease. The best part about it is that there is some good fishing to be had. A mate of mine recently landed some great yellowbelly over 50cm and a few legal sized bass. Rolling hardbodied lures cast tight to the structure was working a treat. I went for a trip and fished the area for an hour and got 2 bass, both legal, using suspending Jackal squirrels cast to the structure jerked down and paused. The fish would hit the lure just after the pause.
Hope this helps.
If fishin’ was easy, everyone would be doin’ it.

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