Weekly Report 31 Jul 13

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Weekly Report 31 Jul 13

Post by Brad » Wed Jul 31, 2013 8:08 pm

Lake Boondooma – There has been some gradual change for the better over the past month with the water beginning to show signs of clearing up. With this, there has been a change with the location of fish. The Stuart arm of the dam is still the pick of the spots as the water does seem to be somewhat cleaner than the main basin and the fish have been falling to both lure and bait. Switched on anglers have been casting spinnerbaits to the edges and around the timber while others using blades have been hopping them with short sharp hops all the way to the boat.

Any edges that have some structure like rock, weed or timber has been the best option with patient anglers willing to work over an area producing the best results. There have also been similar results in the Boyne. The biggest change at present is that there are now some more fish being located in the main basin where anglers have been targeting them with deep diving lures and also casting spinnerbaits, blades and jackals to the edges. From all reports there haven’t been any massive fish caught but any sign of life from this dam is good.

Bjelke Petersen Dam – BP has also seen a little more action than previous with some nice sized Yellowbelly being nabbed up in the timber on bait and a few bass being taken on blades cast to the edge. All reports on the bass are that they are quite small. Red claw are being taken but the numbers are slowing due the cooling off of the weather.

Lake Cressbrook – Cressbrook has lived up to its winter reputation whereby when you catch a fish it is generally a very good one but it may be the only fish you catch for a session. There are fish being located around Deer Island, toilet block point and around the points across from the boat ramp. Smaller fish have been found in around 15ft of water and have been sitting up on the edges. Most of the better concentrations of fish are in the deeper water and these fish are also the larger models. These fish have been sitting in anywhere between 30 and 40ft of water and have liked the look of 3/8oz blades and plastics roller through the schools. Like I have mentioned previously I find that the baby bass sliders and lighter to white coloured plastics have been effective for me.

Lake Somerset – Somerset is proving to be a bit of a heartbreaker for most anglers at the moment. There are few reports of any anglers having a cracker day but those who have worked hard have reaped some rewards. Once again Pelican Point has some scattered fish moving across it and have been targeted by trollers in around 20 – 30ft. Eagles Nest has some small schools sitting off it in some deeper water and have been taking ice jigs. Red Rock still has fish sitting in and around the area and have fallen to ice jigs and blades and jackals cast the edge and worked through the fish that are sitting in 20 - 25ft of water. By all reports the timber near Kirkleagh has been productive for bait fishermen with some good sized Yellowbelly and plenty of smaller Bass being taken. Up near the cattle yards there have been some small smatterings of fish that have been liking 3/8oz little max blades.

Rivers and Creeks – The rivers and creeks in the South Burnett have been firing in most areas. Double figure catches have not been unheard of in recent weeks and it seems that in most situations you are almost guaranteed a fish. Mondure crossing is an area that gets flogged by the locals but does produce fish. Those who are doing the damage are putting in a bit more thought and hard yakka and moving away from everyone and taking a stroll along the river. Casting 1 to 2 m diving lures hard to the structure has been real effective. Colours do not seem to matter but a suspending lure that can remain in the strike zone seems to be making a difference. A small fishing whole down Heights Rd known as Chinatown produced a 51cm Yellowbelly and a few small bass for a short afternoon session.

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