Weekly Report 2 Sep 13

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Weekly Report 2 Sep 13

Post by Brad » Tue Sep 03, 2013 11:25 am

South Burnett and Toowoomba Fishing Report
Boondooma Dam – With the water continuing to improve we are starting to see more fish being landed with some quality fish amongst them. Most of the fish are still being taken in the upper reaches of the Boyne and Stuart Rivers but the odd fish has been snaffled by trolling around the points of the main basin.
The successful fishermen have been hopping blades and jackals along the flats areas of the rivers and when a patch of fish has schooled up under their boat they have quickly resorted to ice jigging. There has been mostly smaller fish hitting the deck of the boat but the odd fish around the 2kg – 2.5kg mark has been landed.

Bjelke Petersen Dam – Well BP has had a bit of resurgence over the past few weeks with some double figure hauls of fish taken by bait and lure anglers. The pick of the spots is up in the timber. To find the better concentrations of fish you will need to travel right up into the very back of the timber to a point where the creek forks right and left. Most anglers tend to go left as there is a greater expanse of water but the people in the know have been going right and casting to the edges with spinnerbaits. The red claw have been going off out there at present and with the warmer weather almost upon us the crustacean catching should get better and better.

Somerset Dam – Well recently I competed in the ABT event held at Somerset and while I was able to bring fish to the scales I was unable to land one of the monsters that the dam is famous for. The eventual winners of the event were consistently weighing in bags of up to and over 4kg. ABT Bass angler of the year, Callum Monroe, broke the ABT record for heaviest fish weighing in a giant Bass tipping the scales at 3.82kg. The fish went 56cm to the fork and 60cm from nose to tip. What makes this so impressive is that in the first round of the tournament the previous record was broken with one angler weighing in a 3.58kg monster. There were many fish weighed in over 3kg in this tournament but unfortunately none of them were mine.

Anyway, here’s where they were caught and on what. Most fish in the first session were taken from a school out on Pelican Point. Many of these fish were of excellent quality and this area proved to be a mainstay for many anglers throughout the tournament. The fish taken here were favouring little max blades in crown colour, 3/8oz plastics slowly rolled across the bottom and icejigs when the fish schooled up. The other area that some good fish were taken was out from Queen Street. The fish here were sitting on a flat in water around 35ft. This area is out in the middle of the dam and it looks as though you are fishing in the middle of nowhere so it is important to use your sounder to find this area and the fish. Ice jigs were the pick in this spot and in fact this is where the big fish for the tournament came from. The edges at Queen Street were also holding fish but the quality was not as consistent.

Casting to the bank with jackals (blue gill) and blades (little max – crown) and letting them hit the bottom then winding quickly and then slowing the wind right down seemed to be a trigger for the fish in this area. The final area that saw any reward was down at the spit where the fish were tucked up against the rocky bank/wall opposite the point of the spit. Using your electric well is paramount in this area as the fish are only sitting in 35ft of water and the bank here is very steep which means that it is not hard to drift out into deep water away from where the fish are sitting. Dropping Berkley jigging grubs down and slowly winding it back up through the fish saw some success for switched on anglers. The fish here were of pretty good quality with 1.5 to 2kg fish being caught along with the odd yellowbelly.

Cressbrook Dam – Once again Cressbrook has either been a day to remember or a day to forget for many anglers. Some blokes are catching some quality fish and others are not seeing a scale. I haven’t fished this dam this fortnight but from all reports the points and drop-offs through the dam are holding fish but a sounder is required to locate them.

Rivers and Creeks – The rivers and creeks have been firing of late with some outstanding catches being recorded. Most fish being landed are Yellowbelly but there are some decent bass popping up here and there. At the moment Cherbourg creek is the pick of the bunch with anglers catching their bag within an hour. The technique is to cast out jackals or g-vibes, get the lure to the bottom and slowly wind it back. That’s about as hard as it gets. Barkers Creek is still producing good catches but it is key to find your own bit of water away from others.
Hope this helps,
“If fishin’ was easy, everyone would be doin’ it”

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