Weekly Report 3 Oct 13

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Weekly Report 3 Oct 13

Post by Brad » Thu Oct 03, 2013 2:45 pm

Boondooma Dam - It still not perfect but this dam is definitely on the road to recovery. The water is continuing to clear and as the weeks go on the fishing is picking up also. At the moment bait fishermen are probably having the better of it in terms of the better quality fish but lure fishermen are starting to put together some good sessions. The anglers using bait have been having some good success up in the timber of the Stuart arm with live shrimp proving to be useful. The pick of the spots has not been that far up the Stuart. As you take the first big right hand bend there is a small bay with a creek entering it. In this area the timber section drops away into deep water and the fish have been hanging off the drop off.

Anglers have been tying up to the trees close to these drop offs and biding their time until they strike. Some nice yellow belly and bass have been taken in this area. Lure fishermen have had their success out in the main basin around the points and on the flats. The fish have been scattered and no real large schools have been found or targeted. These scattered fish can be found out on Pelican point and Leisegangs in around 35ft of water and the flats on the inside of the Stuart have fish in around 50 feet of water but are suspending at 30ft. Plastics on ½ oz jig heads have been doing the trick on the suspended fish while casting jackals, vibes and blades around the flats has been productive. Those trolling have been doing well with deep diving hard bodies around the points of the dam and in Leisegangs. Trolling is a great option at the moment in Boondooma as is can be frustrating trying to find large concentrations of fish. Some people waste their entire day looking around and not doing much fishing. Trolling allows you to do both.

Bjelke Petersen Dam – Well the rise of BP dam is continuing as the water clears. The water here is still far from pristine but the fish are beginning to come on the chew. Some bass to 50cm have been caught in the dam at present using bait while lure fishermen have accounted for some good numbers of fish. Bass point has been the most productive area at present with some lovely Yellowbelly and some solid bass in the area. Slow rolled spinner baits have been good but you must make sure that the lure is passing some structure or are near the bottom as the fish have been somewhat tucked away or hugging the bottom.

Another area of interest is the small bay and the surrounding banks near the canoe hut. The fish here have been falling to similar tactics but they have also hit some jackals. The fish in this area have been on the smaller side and a little harder to temp. They have moved around in this area so it would pay to do some looking around before settling on one area. The bay up past Bass point is where there has been the odd very big fish. A young girl staying at the camp ground came back with a 52cm fish and proudly showed it off to all at the boat ramp. She was using live shrimp and it took her about 15 mins to get the fish in, unassisted. Finally, some older gentleman did not want to venture far so they threw some deep diving hardies over the side and just paced back and forward out the front of the boat ramp and managed to pick up some decent fish.

Somerset Dam – This dam is continuing to produce some amazing fish with some recent catches nudging 3.8kg for one bass. The great thing about this dam at the moment is that the fish have all been of good quality. Paying attention to your sounder is key to not only finding fish but finding the good quality fish. Some areas at the moment are holding small fish while others seem to be holding the bigger fish. Bay 13 is the pick of the spots at the minute with many of the fish being landed measuring between 40 and 55cm. I went for fish there recently and had a good day out. I caught 11 bass (all over 40cm) and 3 yellowbelly between 40 and 45cm. Another angler fishing nearby commented that he had only caught fish in the high 40’s for the 2 hours he had been there.

There are fish throughout the Bay mainly concentrated to the 'One tree point end of the bay. I found that the fish were loving the 35 – 40ft mark of water and in most cases they were holding just off the bottom in 30ft of water. I tried a few different lures but I found that the Squidgie fish (silverfox) rigged on a ½ oz jig head was the winning lure. It was interesting to watch the behaviour of the fish as in many cases the fish would be found somewhat suspended in 25 – 30ft of water and a quick retrieve would get the bites. After some time the fish would then hug the bottom and a slower, methodical and patient retrieve would work. So pay attention to your sounder and watch what the fish are doing so that you can work out what you need to do.

The best show of fish that I found was not far from the bank in Bay 13. There is a row of timber that lines the bank in Bay 13 and I fished in 35ft of water after the last piece of standing timber. These fish were fairly happy to stay in this area for many hours and were quite active for the time I fished there. Other places in Bay 13 had fish but they were not as active and were quick to move on. Pelican Point is also fishing fairly well but once again the better shows of fish were hard to find. I only got 1 fish here and it was hard work for that fish. A boat close by was anchored up and bait fishing (live shrimp) and were doing quite well. Across from Pelican Point there is a flat that is directly beneath the house on the hill and to the left of Wyangi creek. These flats had some scattered fish on them but I never actually fished them. I sounded around saw that there were some scattered fish and moved on. This area is getting less pressure so might be worth a try when other places are getting hammered. The drawback for this area is that the skiers like to do laps here.

Cooby Dam – Over the past few months Cooby has consistently produced for most anglers with both bait and lure fishermen have gotten amongst the action. The best results have happened earlier in the morning and late afternoons when the fish are more likely to be in the shallower water around the weed edges looking for food. Lure anglers have been casting to the weed edges with blades and jackals and letting them sink down the face before retrieving slowly back to the boat. Casting parallel to the weed has also been effective as the lure works its way across the face of the weed where the bait fish are hiding and the bigger fish are hunting. As the days warm up the fish have been heading into deeper water and this is where the bait fishermen have come into their own. Some of these anglers have been catching a fish a cast using live shrimp. If live shrimp is difficult to get a hold of saltwater yabbies have been productive in this dam in the past. Trolling hard bodies in the deeper parts has also proven effective. Be sure to use your sounder to mark the fish and then choose a lure that will get down to them.

Cressbrook Dam – As I have mentioned in previous reports this dam can be a terribly hard dam to fish. It can be quite easy to find fish but it becomes a different story when trying to catch them. This is what most anglers are finding at present. There are fishing holding in schools throughout the dam with toilet point being the area that is producing the better fish. Down in the Cressbrook arm of the dam has seen some fish being located and landed. And out in front of the steeper boat ramp has been productive for some anglers. The bigger fish have fallen to soft plastics rigged on ¼ or 3/8 oz jig heads. I prefer the lighter or whiter colour lures in this dam as they seem to match what the fish are eating. The fish are eating well at present which is evident by their condition so matching the hatch is important. Ice jigs and vertically worked blades will also work on these fish and in many situations it may give you are better bite and catch rate but all too often these fish are on the smaller side.
Hope this helps,
“If fishin’ was easy, everyone would be doin’ it”.

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