Report 15/12/16

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Report 15/12/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Dec 23, 2016 11:04 am

Border Rivers
The border rivers have been fishing really well, although now taking a lot of fishing pressure from many anglers that have heard of the solid fishing in both the Macintyre and Dumaresq rivers lots of fisherman have been targeting the cod and yellowbelly on lures from kayaks and small boats. Fishing both sides of the river casting hardbodies and spinnerbaits into the snags has worked really well while surface lures have been a fun way to catch them in the early mornings and late afternoons. Most anglers have been catch and release so the river is holding up nicely and the good fishing continues worth the drive.

Leslie Dam
Leslie continues to be one of the most consistent lakes, with good fishing coming out of Leslie daily mostly yellowbelly on zx40 blades jigged in around 17ft of water. Live shrimp and salt water yabbies have also worked really well. There has also been some good cod taken the past couple weeks which don’t seem to have any pattern to them, couple caught spinnerbaiting the edges while other better ones have come out in the deeper water on Jackalls and blades at random times of the day.

Boondooma Dam
Plenty of good fishing up at Boondooma dam of late with both bass and yellowbelly. The bass have started schooling up really well in the main basin out from most main lake points and also suspending out in deeper water where trolling has become very effective. The yellowbelly have been thick up at the Junction part of the lake and the start of both arms in the timbers, spinnerbaits and Jackalls have worked really well while live shrimp and saltwater yabbies have had the most success.

Bjelke Petersen Dam
BP continues its great fishing this week with huge numbers of fish being boated every day both bass and yellowbelly have been taking all kinds of baits and lures most of the fish have been in the thermocline of the water which is around 25ft trolling lures or rolling tailspinners through the thermo cline will give you the most success. There has been some quality fish in amongst them with bass up to 48cm and yellowbelly to 50cm landed consistently, but there is a lot of smaller bass around 30cm. It’s a matter of moving around to find the bigger fish they are not hard to find using your fish finder they are thick through the main basin region.

Connelly dam
Connelly dam has been the go to place for the land based angler, walking the banks is easy and effective. Casting sinking vibes and bibbed hardbodies from the banks has seen some decent yellowbelly and cod taken over the past few weeks and is a good place to avoid the crowds. For the bait angler live baits like shrimp and worms have had the most success while prawns and yabbies are still very effective.

Brisbane River fishing
Parts of the river have been fishing really well for both bass and yellowbelly. Below the wall of Wivenhoe dam there is a long stretch of fishable water where the Lockyer creek meets and there has been some good fish pulled from this area out of kayaks. Spinnerbaits and Jackalls work best in white and gold colors. Other areas that have fished well is below Somerset dam wall back up to O’Sheas crossing trolling Jackall lures close to the edges or bait fishing under the bridge has produces some good fish.

Tip of the week
Taking the crowds into consideration over the following weeks will be a good guide of your fishing expectations. Places like Somerset and Moogerah which will have a huge number of skiers that will have a negative effect in the main basing areas, some of the small creeks and rivers and even smaller lakes will be a lot quieter and less effected by boat traffic and could make for some better fishing, especially with this constant warm weather.

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Dean Love with a cracking cod caught this week at Leslie Dam on a Jackall TN50.

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