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Report 6/1/17

Posted: Sat Jan 07, 2017 2:50 pm
by Nicole Penfold
Cooby dam
This week Cooby has produced some incredible fishing. I personally recorded my biggest ever cod at 124cm possibly the biggest recorded fish to be caught from the lake! Like a lot of places it’s not kind to all, if the fish are on the bite, that doesn’t mean they are easy to catch. I found both the cod and yellow belly feeding right in the weeds which made sense as I couldn’t find too many on the fish finder. I began casting as tight to the weed edge as possible, making sure I was sometimes getting weed. This gave me information about what type of weed was there, when it was the mossy weed I would move on. When I found the fresh stringy weeds I would fish for longer. I found that you could cast into this type of weed and with a couple sharp rips it would free the lure from weeds. This was the key. This technique would attract the fish out of the weeds and those fish when landed were coughing up lots of bait they were gorging themselves on in there. Common sense prevailed as I found a couple of schools which I jigged some yellowbelly from. I fished a Jackall Soft Mask Vibe for the yellowbelly and big paddle tail soft plastics for the cod, again the late afternoon was the prime bite period from 5.30pm-7.30pm

Cressbrook dam
Been a bit tuff at Cressbrook this past week, has been a lot of little Bass around, mainly around the Camp Grounds, Eagles Nest. There has been the odd legal caught at the Toilet block. Generally however very scattered and hard going. Blades and Nories have seemed to be the best lures for getting them to bite. Early morning spinner baits along the edges has picked a few sizes of note.

Leslie dam
Even after the holiday pressure on the water, Skier’s and fishing boats all over the place, Leslie is still performing very well. Just on sun up the surface bite has been very productive, casting surface lures along the edges has picked up yellows ranging up 47cm.The Blackboys has seen plenty of quality yellow belly picked up mainly on Live Shrimp and salt water yabbies. The main basin has also continued to produce good yellowbelly during the day. Along Cod Ally has also produced some good cod picked up on trolling hard bodies with one going to the meter mark while most around the 60 plus.

Condamine River
Plenty of reports coming in from around Wheatvale and Pratten of good numbers yellow belly being picked up. Small spinnerbaits have worked very well for most anglers, live shrimp and salt water yabbies are still going strong. A 76cm cod was picked up close to the Rayford/Pratten Bridge with a swag of yellows and a bus load of carp. Passmore reserve gave up some good yellows and 2 small cod while Yarramalong also performed well on yellow belly and carp with a 64cm cod picked up.

Border Rivers
The Macintyre and Dumaresq still performing well, around Texas a large number of cod picked up around the 65 to 85 cm mark. Yellow bank, Bengalla Reserves are producing well with good numbers reported landed and released of cod up to 80cm while a yellow belly are also common in good sizes. Spinner baits have been the pick of lures for cod while hardbodies like Garra’s, Kezza’s and Southern Cross have done very well on Yellows

Glenlyon Dam
There has been plenty of yellow belly picked up the last week. Pretty much anywhere in the timbers have seen anglers filling their limits fairly quickly. Ecogear ZXs have been very successful for just jigging around the timber or for trolling most hard bodies have also produced good results. Live shrimp and salt water yabbies always strong performers. Spinnerbaits in the edge’s early morning has produced mixed bags of yellow as well as some good cod. Meanwhile several cod over the meter have been picked up throughout the dam with large spinner baits doing the trick for these monsters.

Tip of the week
With all the storms and heavy rain around, I feel compelled to remind everyone about choosing their camp site wisely. With more and more people exploring the many great free reserves and camp grounds around the regions that normally haven’t been before. Keep in mind how quickly the water level can rise, especially in low lying river banks etc. The water could pour down from upstream in a matter of minutes flooding your camp site. Always check the high water levers and set up your camp site accordingly

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Kris George with Carl Holding Kris’s 124cm Cod from Cooby Dam