Report 2/2/17

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Report 2/2/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Feb 03, 2017 4:10 pm

Somerset dam
a lake that has been a little quiet over the past couple months when usually its firing but for some reason the fish have finally responded and are on the bite, with good numbers of large bass being takin around pelican point and bay 13. Lures have been very productive all types of sinking lures have worked well although tailspinners and spoons have stood out from the others. On the bait fishing front live shrimp has been dynamite while live worms and saltwater yabbies have seen a mixed bag of species.

Cressbrook dam
Finally some consistent reports coming from Cressy like Somerset the bite has come late this year but over the past week there has been huge numbers of smaller bass caught in different locations while some anglers have landed some really big fish early in the mornings. Not many fish on the edges anymore mostly out in the deeper water so again tailspinners and spoons have dominated the lure fishing while again live shrimp and worms have been the most productive baits to use

Leslie dam
One lake that hasn’t let up down for a good while and it continues its good form with plenty of nice sized yellowbelly and medium size cod being taken daily .Blades and jackals have worked the best for the lures working in around 10ft of water while trolling lures at this same depth has also seen some quality fish for the bait angler. Saltwater yabbies and live shrimp are almost a must for the yellowbelly and cod but the live worms have worked well on the silver perch.

Coolmunda dam
An unusual bite at Coolmunda for this time of year with barley any yellowbelly being caught other than the odd one on a saltwater yabby but the main draw card has been the cod fishing with again this week plenty of nice sized cod being landed on both bait and lures with spinnerbaits being the main artillery fishing tight to the trees and peppering one area for a good while has helped entice the cod to bite.

Cooby dam
Cooby has continues to produce quality fish with lots of good sized yellowbelly hitting the decks mostly in the late afternoon and on either saltwater yabbies, live shrimp and Ecogear ZX blades. All these baits and lures worked tight to the bottom out from main lake points or over the top of any hidden structure will give you a good chance of landing some fish the best bite time is from 6pm-7pm.

Offshore fishing
A lot of our offshore fishing has changed over the last couple weeks from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast there has been some really fast currents pushing through. This has moved allot of the pelagic fish further south an there only seems to be mac tuna and a few other fish floating around this has turned some anglers to the bottom fishing which has been producing quite nicely with some good pearl perch reported of the gold coast and plenty of nice size squire getting around Moreton bay.

Tip of the week
You can’t always predict what will happen in a lake from last year’s movements this year everything has been late coming. The dam fish stayed on the edges allot longer, they are only now pushing all out deep. This usually happens in November but things are different year to year and depending on rains it can change allot. Also the best way to keep in touch with what’s happening is to read fishing reports and not just one but several to keep in touch with the movements.

Fish N Bits
Ph: 07 4636 6850
340 Alderley St, Toowoomba, Q 4350
Will Challenor With a great example of Leslie cod.
Hot Bite Spoons have been proving to be the most effective lure on the bass as of late. The 12g and 18g versions both work well in the deeper water where most of the schooling bass are living. Lots of anglers have been finding a continued bite when using the spoons as apposed to other sinking type lures.

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