Report 9/3/17

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Report 9/3/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Mar 10, 2017 4:16 pm

Cressbrook dam
Finally some real results coming from this lake, it has been terribly inactive over the past year with the odd good session but over the past couple weeks there has been a solid trend with lots of fish being landed on all baits and lures. Blades and spoons have worked best for the lure anglers, slow winding them along the bottom or hopping them out from most lake points while the bait anglers have had best success on live shrimp and worms. I don’t know where these fish have been hiding but they are out and about now so definitely worth a look. Most fish have been pretty small but there is plenty of better ones in amongst them.

Cooby dam
Cooby is a little tough lately, like usual certain spots hold some good schools of yellowbelly which always fall victim to a jigged blades or vibe. But the bite has been tough, mainly late afternoon is the bite window. Fishing baits like shrimp, yabbies and worms have worked well along with the blades in amongst some scattered weeds or if you can locate some fish on your finder will be a good place to start.

Leslie dam
Leslie continues to fire with the smaller fish up the back of the lake. Fast winding or trolling blades has worked best, the bigger fish have been coming on Jackall tn60’s, as the day goes on the fish move deeper from about 8ft out to 16ft. Later in the day the saltwater yabbies and live shrimp play a productive part in continuing the bite.

Somerset dam
Somerset is really hit and miss again with large schools of bass easy to locate around Pelican Point and Queens St, but not so easy to catch. Even live shrimp is struggling to tempt these bass to bite but they do have small windows when they come on, it’s a matter of staying on them till the bite comes. Don’t go looking for other fish that will be doing the same thing and you could miss the window. This is a tough way to fish but the size of the bass in these schools makes it worthwhile.

Copeton dam
Copeton is getting back on the map again with some consistency in the big cod being caught and on all sorts of lures including surface. There has been plenty of good fish landed over the past couple weeks. Fishing steep rocky banks with spinnerbaits, swimbaits and surface lures has produced some quality cod over the metre mark. This is the place to get that trophy fish and we are coming into the right months to do it so plan your trip now.

Gold Coast offshore
More and more local anglers are keen on getting into the offshore fishing, there is a lot to learn and know when doing so. The conditions change every day and this changes the fish patterns, direction of wind and currents along with good weather is pretty hard to line up, but when they do a lot of boats have the same idea. When fishing pressured areas like close reefs off the Gold Coast you have to do something different to everyone else, getting out super early is a must to catch bigger fish and having fresher and better presented baits is key lots of the time. Live baits will be best, then working out what depth. Sometimes fishing un weighted will be best for fish like mackerel and tuna other times you will want to get your bait down deeper in which adding weight or sending it down on a downrigger is a good way to get your bait in the perfect depth. Gold Coast has had good captures early morning on reef fish while out wider has produced some big wahoo and plenty of dolphin fish. Keep an eye out, also could be some marlin around at the moment between 50m and 100m.

Tip of the week
Be willing to give one place a second and third chance even the best fishing spots don’t always fish well, lakes can take a lot of searching to find some fish. Possibly days and then that area may only last for that day. This is fishing set yourself a routine of trying to locate fish this is the work needed to put fish in the boat fishing is also about finding not just about catching.

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Bob Chrenek with a nice yellowbelly during a hot bite at cressbrook.

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