Report 16/3/17

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Report 16/3/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Wed Mar 29, 2017 2:19 pm

Cooby dam
Cooby has continued with similar form, few yellowbelly throughout the day mainly one live shrimp, salt water yabbies and Ecogear jigging blades. Like always the afternoon bite is a lot better with anglers having good success around 5.30-6.30 pm. This rain will help the cause washing a lot of bait into the water, would be worth casting Jackalls and spinnerbaits to the edges when the weather clears up.

Cressbrook dam
Cressbrook has been fishing quiet well lately with a mixture of small and large bass being landed, mainly in the deeper water although some of the better fish have come off the edge early in the morning. Blades and tailspinners have been the best for the schooling bass while spinnerbaits and Jackalls have been good on the edges. For the bait angler live shrimp is by far the best bet while live worms still does the trick.

Leslie dam
Still lots of smaller fish being landed at Leslie with the water level dropping the bigger fish have started to move a little deeper while the smaller ones are fun to catch, they are up in around 8-12 ft up the back of the lake. Fishing small blades has seen plenty of action up there but if it’s the keepers your after they have been a little harder to entice, but still around mostly in the old creek bed in around 20ft. Searching with your fishfinder or trolling is a good way to try and locate the fish. For the bait fisherman like always live shrimp and saltwater yabbies are best for yellowbelly and cod while live worms has had good success with silver perch and catfish.

Coolmunda dam
Coolmunda took a huge influx of water this week as did some other lakes but Coolmunda filled back up and is showing a little colour in the water making the fishing a bit tough, although before that we were having some great cod fishing. Give it a couple weeks and the cod should be moving again looking for all the fresh food washed into the lake.

Copeton dam
A lot of water level fluctuations has happened to Copeton over the past 6 months which has made it unpredictable, although there has constantly been big cod caught there it has seemed a bit unstable for me to risk the 4 hour drive, but over the past couple weeks the bite numbers have improved a lot and this is coming in to the best months of the year to fish Copeton ie (April) so keep it in mind depending on what the recent rain does, Copeton could be the next destination on my list.

Salt water fishing
Coming in to a little bit of a transition period where we are starting to see some more bottom fishing and less top water fishing over the past months, bream whiting and all offshore pelagic fish have been active near the top water column and the bottom fishing has been slow. But now we are starting to see a mix of bottom fishing and top fishing where we are catching some good fish bottom bashing the reefs and dragging baits and lures along the bottom inshore also. It has been a bit of a slow year so far with the pelagic season hit and miss with all different currents coming through, let’s hope for a good season fishing the bottom.
Tip of the week

Lakes and dams work in the opposite way to the saltwater creeks and estuaries. During winter lakes fish well on the surface. the fish look for the warmer water where as the estuaries fish better on the bottom due to the traveling and breeding process while in the summer dam fish head into the deepwater to find a comfortable water temp while the estuaries activate on the surface as different types of warm water fish move through with the warmer currents.

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