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Report 20/4/17

Posted: Fri Apr 21, 2017 9:55 am
by Nicole Penfold
Bjelke Peterson dam
With the water starting to settle it’s definitely worth the trip here, fishing the shallower parts of the dam like Lightning Ridge and Treasure Island will be the best spots to try, 3inch Gulp Minnow Grubs and 5/8oz spinnerbaits have been the pick of the lures, live shrimp will be the best option for the bait anglers.

Reports this week from the dam have been the best they have been in the last few months, trolling timber hard bodies and Jackall TN 60’s in the main creek bed through the timber has been the best method, also fishing spinnerbaits tight to the structure has been a productive way of getting a few to bite.

Somerset dam
Somerset has been one of the most consistent dams to catch big fish lately, with numerous amount of bass over 50cm being caught, Pelican Point and the start of Queen Street has been holding quite large schools of fish, hoping mask vibes, blades and tail spinners tight to the bottom will be your best bet.

With all the boat traffic over the east long weekend it didn’t seem to put the fish off at all, With a small amount of water still running in to the dam it seems the fish have moved back into the main basin, casting large swimbaits and plastics like the Jackall Ganterel and Westin Shadteez proved to be the pick of the lures for the shallower areas, fishing deeper timber with Bassman Mumblers were the go to.

Cooby dam
This past week at Cooby has seen some big fish landed, 124cm Murray cod was landed on a trolled Austackle Boomer, big numbers of yellow belly have also been getting caught aswell, the Deepwater has been the key to finding most of the fish, jigging Ecogear ZX40’s in these areas will be the best bet.

Moreton Bay
As the weather get cooler its perfect time to target snapper around a lot of the inshore reefs and island, Harry Atkinson reef has been producing a few fish also Mud island and Coochiemudlo Island has had a fair bit of attention as well, a well presented pilchard or squid will be the best bait.
Tip of the week

Minimizing the length of time the fish is out of the water is one of the most valuable things you can do if your releasing fish.

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