Report 27/4/17

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Report 27/4/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Apr 28, 2017 1:44 pm

Cooby dam
Just like most places this week the cod have been really active and Cooby dam has produced some quality fish, including the 113cm giant in the picture. Just like most cod fisheries dawn and dusk are the key bite time for this fish. It was last light, the cod move up closer to the edges at these times and become easier to target. While these big cod are most likely feeding on yellowbelly and other smaller fish, when targeting them it is wise to try imitate a bait fish pattern. Which is why there is slowly becoming a craze on the swimbaits that are available. Including the Gigantarel that this fish was caught on. Over the past couple weeks there have been some other big cod caught including a 124cm and a few other all on lures while the yellowbelly fishing was hot over Easter on the salt water yabbies the local fishing is great right now.

Cressbrook dam
While lots of keen anglers are targeting the giant murray cod, it’s not only them that like this time of year. As it starts to cool off the bass also fire up one last time before the winter and this has shown at Cressbrook with good numbers of large bass being landed daily on all sorts of baits and lures. The most popular being tailspiners and blades along with live shrimp. Try fishing out from main lake points and preferably windblown areas.

Coolmunda dam
Lots of complaints about Coolmunda this year, it’s been a slow starter after the big influx it took but there has been some hope as its cleared up well now. There has been some nice cod landed this week fishing tight in the standing timbers with vibes and spinnerbaits. Like all cod fishing they still take a bit of work but the reward is well worth it, as for the yellowbelly still a bit tough again the saltwater yabbies seem to be the best bet.

Copeton dam
All the talk right now is Copeton dam and for good reason, this lake is full of huge cod and right now is the best time of the year to be chasing them. There have been huge amounts of metre sized cod landed this week and mostly on surface lures late afternoon and early mornings, not to mention the hundreds of other cod landed between 80-100 cm’s.

Again it’s not a matter of cast and catch they still take a lot of work but there is defiantly an abundance of big cod there and the biggest attractant of this lake is that the fish like big lures. The bigger the better. It gives us a chance to cast or troll lures that are bigger than our usual catches, we fished 25cm swimbaits and 30cm surface lures for our cod this week it’s an exciting style of fishing and I’m sure more anglers will be getting involved in the near future.

Glenlyon dam
This week has to be all about the cod, it’s been a crazy week of cod fishing everywhere you look. There is giants being caught and Glenlyon is one of the best places for it. Not fished as hard as Copeton but with just as many big cod there, Glenlyon is defiantly a place to go. With its big yellowbelly that have been biting well on Ecogear bades and soft Jackalls to its giant cod on surface lures and trolled hardbodies it has it all.

Condamine river
The rivers are also performing will with some giant cod being landed in our local river and again exciting fishing when they have been eating surface lures and large baits fished tight to the snags. Both the bait and lure anglers have been having great success with yellowbelly and cod in the Condamine this week. It’s looking a lot better this week as is the other close river systems.

Tip of the week
Fishing can be fun even when you are not catching fish, find what you like to do. I personally love casting huge lures and having the chance at any second to catch a fish of a lifetime. There is always a lot of trips where we catch nothing but it’s still enjoyable. Try fishing a style that you like regardless if you thinks it’s the most productive, fish will come when you are comfortable.

Lure of the week
Although this lure is out of stock all over Australia it’s a must have in any cod fisherman's lure box. The new Gigantarel, a big brother to the Gantarel and Chibartrel. This lure is for big fish only but it sure catches them, you just need a rod big enough to cast it.

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Trent Rigney showing us Cooby Dam still continues to provide us with the trophy fish, Great cod coming in at 113cm on a Jackall Gigantrel, our Lure of the Week.

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