Report 21/9/17

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Report 21/9/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Sep 22, 2017 3:04 pm

Cooby Dam
Some good numbers of yellowbelly taken this week along with some smaller sized cod around the 55cm mark. The yellowbelly have been mostly caught jigging ZX Blades and on salt water yabbies while the bigger yellows and cod have come trolling deep diving lures out from the rocky walls and through the middle of the lake.

Cressbrook Dam
Cressbrook has continued some quality fishing over the first week of school holidays. Although the extra attention has limited the bite times a little. While locating the school is the first priority, they don’t always bite straight away ,but remember the old saying? don’t leave fish to find fish. That couldn’t be truer as most likely if the fish you are on aren’t biting the other fish aren’t either so sit on them and give them time. There are good sporadic bite periods where the fish come on and you will want to be near a school when this comes. The most productive lures have been spoons and tailspinners while live bait has also worked well.

Somerset Dam
Somerset is still the place to go with lots a big bass on the bite in the schools. The added boat pressure from the holidays has definitely slowed the fishing but there is still some good bass to be caught. The main locations are wide off Pelican Point in around 70ft of water and out of the Spit in about 55ft of water. Most of the bass are suspended up off the bottom, so sinking a lure down and slow rolling it back up through the school is the best option. For the bait anglers live baits are best and fishing a drop shot rig or not letting your bait all the way to the bottom is the best bet.

Bjelke Petersen Dam
BP has been one of our most productive lakes over the past 12 months with some sort of bite happening all the time whether it be on the edges or out in the deep. With the warmer weather around and the water temp rising the fish have again moved off the edges on to the deeper flats large areas of around 30 ft of water and are holding good schools of both bass and yellowbelly. They are holding tight to the bottom so sinking lures like ice jigs, tailspinners and spoons have all worked well at BP lately. For the bait angler both live shrimp and saltwater yabbies have had good success.

Leslie Dam
Leslie has been a little tough over the past few , there has been plenty of smaller fish caught around the edges and in the shallower water but the bigger fish have been few and far between. The odd small cod has also been caught trolling deep in the creek bed while better catches have been reported around rocky areas. Bait of choice is salt water yabbies for the land based anglers.

Gold Coast
Inshore all the excitement has been with the flathead fishing trolling hardbody lures around Crab Island and shallow parts of the Broadwater up into the Jumpinpin region has produced plenty of quality flathead with a good by-catch of squire especially in the northern reaches of the Pin.

Offshore has continued to produce some nice snapper and parrot fish on the close in reefs while the water temp is rapidly rising it won’t be long before we start to see some summer species moving through.

Tip of the week
This year the biggest progression in the fishing game has been the length of the rods. Longer is now better being able to get that extra 10m on your cast is crucial and here’s why. When fishing shallow water the fish can be really spooky of the boat most of the bites will come in the first couple winds while your lure is at its furthest away from the boat getting that extra distance is key. When fishing deep water if you only cast 30 m and you have to wait a minute for it to sink to the bottom it’s not very time efficient to then only retrieve 30m of the bottom and at a much steeper angle on your retrieve. Either way longer casts means your lure is in the water longer and you are more chance of catching fish. Whether you fish baitcaster or spin nothing shorter than 7ft unless you are fishing tight areas where longs casts are not possible or if you are solely trolling or bait fishing.

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Neil Alan with a cracker Somerset bass hitting the deck at 51cm.
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