Report 4/10/17

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Report 4/10/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Oct 06, 2017 3:29 pm

Cooby Dam
This time of year is great for Cooby, the warming weather really brings the yellowbelly on. While the water temp is still a little cool it’s definitely heading in the right direction and we have seen the results already with plenty of nice yellowbelly hitting the decks over the holidays and this week. A variety of techniques’ haves worked well including trolling, jigging and bait fishing. I found jigging the Ecogear ZX blades the most productive technique while saltwater yabbies have had some good catches also. The usual areas are still holding fish the buoy line, out from the yacht club and off the point near Reflections boat ramp. No significant bite times just right place right time sort of thing.

Cressbrook Dam
Cressbrook like most of the bass dams right now is fishing quiet well although there were a few tough days over the holidays with the excess people around. The fishing is starting to warm back up again with a quality edge bite in the early mornings and late afternoons, while throughout the day the deeper water is holding the better fish. A variety of techniques have worked well, for example trolling deep divers and casting sinking lures into the schools once located has been the best. Live shrimp and live worms are the baits of choice.

Boondooma Dam
Boondooma is firing and with some really big bass. Again there is both a good edge bite with schooling fish also on offer. Your best bet is to look for some steep rocky banks around the main basin which isn’t hard to find, casting suspending lures or silent Jackalls to these types of edges has been working really well and is a fun way to fish. You also have the option to find schooling fish with your sounder in the usual haunts out from main lake points and if all else fails there has been some nice yellowbelly caught in the start of the Boyne arm Jigging blades around the trees.

Copeton Dam
Well it didn’t take long for Copeton to get itself back on the map after a couple quiet months while the fish were in breeding mode and not really interested in feeding we already knew that when it ends they will be hungry and sure enough they were. Massive numbers of giant cod caught over the past week with anglers landing 6 and more metre cod for the day on a variety of spinnerbaits and swimbaits fished to the edges in Barefoot alley, the Bronx as well as Long Gully. Plenty of good banks and structure to fish and while the big cod are hungry you don’t have to go far for a big girl.

Leslie Dam
Leslie is fishing really well, again the warming weather suits the yellowbelly and it will only get better from here. The best area has been in the main creek bed out from the boat ramp basically in the middle of the main basin. Hopping soft vibes in around 30ft through the creek bed has produced plenty of nice yellowbelly while there has also been so good cod landed with them and also down around the rocks near the dam wall area on spinnerbaits. For the bait angler saltwater yabbies and live shrimp are a must for the yellowbelly and cod while worms work well on the silver perch and catfish.

Wivenhoe Dam
A place we don’t touch on much but a fantastic lake that holds possibly the biggest freshwater bass and catfish in the country. At times a difficult place to fish due to the volume of water and boating restrictions, usually most anglers stick to fishing nice looking banks with spinnerbaits and Jackalls but right now and throughout the warmer months the bass are schooling up nicely in the deeper water. Using your fish finder or trolling a lure to find the schools is key but you will be surprised at the depth of fish, mostly suspended in 40-50 ft in places where the bottom is over 70ft deep this 40-50ft range is the thermocline and the bass are thick in this region. So when trolling get your lure down as deep as possible and once locating the fish using sinking lures like spoons and tail spinners will be your best bet. The schools are full of bass, yellowbelly and giant fork tail catfish, great fun fishing. Pop in store for more info as there are numerous boat ramps to launch from.

Tip of the week
For a lot of people fishing is only a couple times a year event, generally those couple times result in limited fish. I suggest the coming month to head back out as spring time is the best fishing. The weather is good the water is warming and the fish are biting. This time of year makes a big difference to your fishing experience, just check the wind before you go.

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Matty Langford with a great example of an old dinosaur at Boondooma, a huge saratoga.

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