Report 3/11/17

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Report 3/11/17

Post by subeditor » Fri Nov 03, 2017 2:12 pm

Cooby Dam

Hasn’t this crazy weather done wonders for the local Fishing? Cooby has fired up real nicely with plenty of decent size yellows picked up along the bout line and on the edges throughout. Trusty old Kezza Mud Puppys and Mouse trolled or casting has proven to be very successful for many anglers this week. Saltwater yabbies has been the bait fishos favorite for bank fishing with similar results. Be prepared.

Cressbrook Dam

Pelican Point has seen some cracken schools of bass this week, Anglers choise of lures are still blades, tailspinners and spoons like last week’s report. Keep in mind they are a bit skittish so defiantly use the electric as much as possible and try and hold some in the live well as dropping them back down has prematurely shut a few schools down. Just out front of the boat ramp is still worth checking out before heading to far away as still reports of decent schools hanging around there. Some healthy looking Yellowbelly picked up early morning on the weed edges as well, Small spinnerbaits have done the trick for those fish.

Leslie Dam

Reported last week how Leslie has been consistent and nothing has changed. The dam is still providing good results for everyone. It has to be one of the best dams to take the kids and teach them how to fish as there is always something on the go with either bait or lures. Some medium to bigger cod picked up along Cod Alley with plenty of good size yellows thrown in the mix. If only targeting yellows the best method is still jigging ZX40s or sinking Saltwater yabbies and Live Shrimp.

Coolmunda Dam

What a week at Coolmunda, plenty of action on Cod flicking spinnerbaits all along the timber line as well as slow trolling the old creek bed on hard bodies. Just shy of the magic meter with the largest reported at 97cm, Coolmunda is defiantly a dam to consider as it will only keep improving with the hot days to come. The little bit of fresh flowing in has also seen the large silver perch and yellows come on the bite with anglers rapidly reaching their limits. Great to see many practicing the catch and release, this will ensure large stock for everyone to enjoy for years to come.
Adam Krautz with a Great Example of a Coolamunda Cod coming in at 91cm.
ToowoombaCod31117.jpg (16.58 KiB) Viewed 370 times
Bjelke Petersen

BP has been fishing really well this week, the bass are schooling up nicely out from a few main lake points and also out from Treasure island in around 30 ft. Hopping soft Jackalls has been the best way along with jigging Ecogear blades. There has been a few big yellowbelly in amongst the schools of bass and also a few caught in the timbered areas on spinerbaits Jackalls and the ever trusty ZX40. The bait anglers have also had good success on both live shrimp and salt water yabbies if you can locate the school’s first it will increase your success rate.

Offshore Gold Coast

With the clean water currently around the Gold Coast at the moment we have seen a good supply of bait fish hanging around the usual spots. A lot of quality snapper being picked up out at the 18, plenty of quality snapper, pearl perch and kingfish on the northern 50 fathom reef.

Jacks have been coming out in good numbers in Coomera and Nerang rivers. Live mullet towards structure, pontoons etc has been a great method as well as strips of mullet if liveys unavailable. Plenty of whiting around in all the favorite spots and sand banks all throughout the Pin and Broadwater. Gold bank and Tipplers passage has seen some good flathead catches, with all the whiting around the flatties have been congrating in many of the same sand flats and drop offs waiting for a feed.

Tip of the Week

With most anglers changing over to braid for their main fishing line, it can at times become a costly change. But with the quality and many different price points of braid now available it will be a change well worth doing. Benefits are better casting distances and control as well as having a smaller diameter you will be able to get stronger weight range of braid on and bigger capacity then old mono. You will feel every bite or hit better with braid. A good tip for using braid is instead of replacing it every 12 months, why not spool your braid onto another reel so the old used part of the line on top becomes the bottom layers of the reel you are putting it on and the part of the braid that probably hasn’t even seen day light on the bottom ends up on top ready for another season of fishing. Get twice the life span out of the one purchase.

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